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04-01-2013, 03:35 AM

I followed all the instructions given, installed apache, and uploaded all files to my website. I am still testing on my local machine, and have not yet moved the site online. However, whenever I navigate to my website for testing on my local machine (http://localhost/~Rudy) I get the standard apache web page (text displayed below), and no channels are displayed.

It's worthwhile noting that I am testing on Mac book with safari as browser. Would that make a difference?

All files and directories have been uploaded to http://localhost/~Rudy

What am I missing?



what gets displayed ... (i.e. standard apache web page):

Your website.

Create and publish your own website quickly and easily using iWeb, Pages, and many other applications available
for Mac OS X.

Itís a snap to create and publish your own website from your Mac. When your site is ready, itís just as easy to publish it.

Open System Preferences and click Sharing, then select Web Sharing.

Youíre done. Your site is now available on your private network at home or work.

If youíre connected to the Internet, your website can also be available to friends everywhere. Just send them the address shown in Sharing preferences.

Apache Power
Web Sharing is built on the Apache web server, an industry standard technology included with Mac OS X. For more information about the Apache web server, see the Apache manual.

04-01-2013, 09:51 AM

I am not sure that safari browser would make any difference, have not tried it though. my local testing is in http://localhost (http://localhost/%7ERudy)/ as mine is installed in the root & i am using wampserver 2.2.

The script database as it stands at the moment is just a place holder and is out of date & the error is probably related to a 404 page being given from the remote server instead of the actual stream.

I am currently in the finishing stages of creating a new script & will be uploading it soon so hopefully that should fix any problems

04-01-2013, 05:56 PM
Thanks .... that may be the reason why none of the feeds play at all. Since a new script will be uploaded soon, I will wait .... how soon do you think you will be uploading it?