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05-23-2011, 09:05 AM
Rebranded TV on PC Software Instructions

You should now have your rebranded software and website in your possession. If you have chosen to upload the website yourself here are the instructions. The site was sent as a .zip file so you first need to unzip them.

Instructions to upload the files to your server via FTP:
Note - If your site is already up and working you can skip this bit.

Instructions to upload the files to your server via FTP:
Extract the contents of the zipfile to the websites root directory usually public_html or www
The software will be looking for the following files to be in the root folder of your website mainly to display banners links etc & these are:

banners.php (determines wether adsense or banners are shown)
banners1.php ( edit the timing of rotation of adsense and keywords if used)
banners.js ( edit the banner pictures and links and edit the timing of rotation, currently set up for clickbank)
ad.php (this is currently linked to from your ad links area in the software)
tvpc_ext.php (this is your extras page linking to all the extra bonus items )
tvpc_url.php (this is your links area showing in bottom left of the software. You can put any links/pictures here. Currently linking to your ad.php page which contains various links)
If we havent set the website up for you, you will need to upload the files to your server, instructions to do this are below.

Download and install smartftp (smartftp.com (http://smartftp.com/)) if you dont already have an ftp program.
Extract the contents of the zip file to to some directory on you hard drive that you will be able to find.
Run the program smartftp or the one you already have.
Enter the following into the ftp login area for the website, in smartftp this is the area just under the menu:

Enter ftp.yoururl.com in address are
Enter your ftp username in login area
Enter your ftp password in password area.

different ftp clients sometime use different lables so the names might not be exactly the same as above.

Press go/logon to logonto the ftp of your site
Once successful and you have successfully logged on look down the list of directories on your server until you find either "public_html" or "www" without the "
Open that directory and rename your existing index/default file then in the directory listing that represents your computer navigate your way to the directory you extracted the downloaded website and software to, and open it so you can see some of the files listed above.
Now select all files & folders in that directory and drag them to the transfer queue bottom window
When finished thats it...

Instructions to change advertising Affiliate banners and adsense code on your software

Amazingly Powerful and flexible, dynamically changing Advertising options

Your Rebranded software is very flexible and very powerful. You can choose
between banner or adsense showing on all copies of your software. Any changes
you make will instantly apply to every copy that your customers have installed.
So for example you can promote different items at different times of the year!
Your software can also contain unlimited advertising banners from any affiliate
network you want or just linking to websites of your choice or even showing
nothing at all if you dont want ads.

We will have changed the adsense and clickbank codes to yours, but you can check or change them as follows.

The website adsense and clickbank/Affiliate codes can be changed in the config.php file
The software containing the rotating banners and clickbank code is changed in the banners.js .

The timing default is set up to rotate the banners approx every 20 seconds and when it reaches the last banner it will loop back to the beginning.

Editing the banner advertising on your software

Find the file banners.js in your website as shown below

var clickbank="bizoppman";



Change the line - var clickbank="bizoppman"; just change bizoppman to your clickbank id

the top website links are associated with the bottom images which are stored in a folder on your website called banners, so its just a case of changing the links and pictures. So for example if from the software your customer clicks on the banner


it will link to the following website


you can change any or all of these links and banners and add more and put in any affiliate links you wish. You can link to any website you wish to promote etc.

You can also have as many or as few banners as you wish from 1 to 100.

If you dont wish to use the clickbank affiliate network then its just a case of changing the banner pictures and the links associated with them. Its a very easy process.

If you wish to have no advertising or just a static banner/picture on your software

For a static banner edit banners.js to have just one image and one link

Your website also comes with the following webpages. You can edit these in any HTML editor altering any links you wish.

tvpc_ext.php extras - is the extra bonus items page
tvpc_url.php - is the links at bottom left of software
footy/index.php - live football and sports streams

Editing the TV channels in the Internet TV Script

This is the easiest set of streams to edit. In the script directory go to admin/admin.php and from the control panel you can add and delete channels

Editing the TV channels in the TV Software

Attention:- You will need some experience of unarchiving and archiving files to make changes on the software. We have released an editor to help edit the streams. Download the database streams editor here

Unzip the program SoftChanEdit.exe.
unrar the files in the update directory called tvradio.rar to a directory called tvradio
Run SoftChanEdit.exe
A directory requester appears, now navigate to the update directory on your website.
A window appears saying found what we were looking click ok.and wait for files to load
If all is ok you should now be presented with the editor maximized.
click on Create backups of tv/ radio xml (to save a backup in case of errors/mistakes)
make any additions, delete or just edit channels just double click on the field1
to include a new channel just click on the asterix at the bottom and fill in fields
save xml once done
Look in folder from step 2 and you will see saved folder tvradioext. Inside are radiochannels.xml and tvchannels.xml
Add these 2 files using winrar and once archived up as tvradio.rar upload to updates folder on site tvpcset
Run TV software and press update button.
New channels should now be working. Let me know if you get stuck anywhere

Editing the Animated GIF loading screen

In the online directory is a file called connect.gif

You need to open this in an animated gif package. Many are freely available online. Then just save and upload to your server