Paid Services - Cord Cutting

Many streaming services will (unfortunately) need paying for, but usually at a fraction of the price of cable.

Streaming subscriptions can cost $7-8 monthly while many other services take a payment per rental or download. So you can sign up to Hulu Plus or Netflix for $8 per month and/or buy individual titles and rent from Google Play, iTunes or Vudu, cord cutters can pay your money and take a choice.

Listed below are a number of paid streaming services that will make cutting the cord easier. We have divided our list into Pay-as-you-go and subscription sections.

 Amazon Instant
Amazon offer a combo of streaming services. Amazon Instant is a pay-as-you-view style service offering the latest movies and seasons to buy or rent. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Downloadable for offline viewing
  • Exclusive content deals mean Amazon has shows you might want
  • Subscription price includes free delivery and Kindle Library
  • Choose between HD and SD on many shows
  • Can get expensive paying for individual content as prices are high
  • For unlimited streaming you need a subscription service as well
 Hulu Plus
Hulu but on steroids. The Hulu Plus service expands on the free version by adding much more content including full seasons and movie collections like the one from Criterion. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • HD top quality streaming
  • Full seasons, good for catching up on a show
  • Queue function to keep track of shows
  • Episodes become available the day after broadcast
  • Advertising supported (less than Hulu) but still a pain for a paid service
  • You have to pay every month
iTunes lets viewers buy or rent shows, seasons and movies legally, and has a massive catalog all wrapped up in Apple's gorgeous front-end. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Season passes are available
  • Choice between Standard and HD quality on many shows
  • Ability to download media for offline viewing
  • Seamless syncing with Apple devices
  • Massive catalog
  • Expensive prices (same as physical DVD for movies for example)
  • Everything must be purchased à la carte
  • Some shows/movies not available


 Amazon Prime
amazon primeAmazon prime service gives the viewer unlimited streaming from an older catalog of movies and television shows as well as free delivery charges on Amazon purchases. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • Full seasons available
  • Large catalog of shows and movies
  • Low Cost
  • Unlimited Streaming
  • Free delivery on Amazon goods
  • Can only be purchased as a yearly subscription
  • No Full seasons of current shows available
  • Content is pretty old
  • Need to top up with newer content from another service if you want to cut the cord
Netflix is the leader in streaming subscription services. As well as full seasons of shows such as Mad Men and The Walking Dead. It also has a growing range of original content such as the House of Cards and Orange is the new Black. Once signed up you are offered literally thousands of movies and TV seasons. The only problem is you have to watch what they have available and their content is not the newest. The system works well though and you can add titles to your queue for later viewing, and Netflix will also make recommendations and suggestions based on your viewing habits. US residents can also for a small additional fee rent the latest DVD titles which are delivered to your door. New users can take advantage of the free months trial as well. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • Unlimited streaming from Netflix's huge television and movie catalog on any device known to man
  • Closed-captioning and HD streaming quality where available
  • Low cost
  • No Full seasons of current shows available
  • Streaming contenet different depending on Country
  • Titles expire frequently as content deals expire
 Redbox Instant
One of the few streaming providers with the added benefit of a physical presence, Redbox Instant has a respectably sized catalog with a focus on newer releases. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • Offline viewing available for purchased titles
  • Subscription includes 4 physical rentals per month
  • Great system for organng and planning future watching
  • 30-day rental period with a 48-hour viewing window
  • HD streaming is not always available
  • Offline viewing is location-restricted to the US
  • Smaller selection than Netflix
A late entry to a crowded field, Vdio is a spinoff of the popular music streaming service Rdio. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • Cool browsing interface
  • Sets feature lets you organise content easier
  • No standard subscription
  • Everything needs to be purchased à la carte
  • HD serviceerratic
  • Small content library
With its notable focus on delivering BluRay-like visuals over its proprietary P2P network, Vudu hosts thousands of titles from major movie and television studios in addition to independent, musical, and international content. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • 30-day rental period with a 24-hour viewing window
  • Choice of standard, HD, and HDX definition
  • Some titles available to stream on the day of DVD release
  • No subscription available only pay-as-you-view
  • Smaller catalog than comparable services
Aereo are unique in that they offer free to air TV channels on-demand by using a retransmission system via a bank of mini antennas and personal cloud based DVR's for customers. The service basically offers what can be optained free if you plug an antenna into your TV set, but there are plenty of viewers that cannot get access to an antenna that will want this service. Read our Review
The Good The Bad
  • DVR-like pause/play/rewind capabilities
  • No hardware required
  • HD reception
  • Watch TV on PC or selected mobile devices
  • Only local over-the-air channels are available
  • Coverage to new markets is moving very slowly
  • legal writs from networks could disrupt service