Guides & How To's - Cord Cutting

For some people cutting the cord can be as easy as fitting an inexpensive antenna onto the roof or using an internal one on top of the TV. This will allow you to receive HDTV channels for free, sign up for a Netflix subscription and buy a Roku or Apple TV box. Result is a quick drop in bills from $100 plus monthly to $8. But some viewers have different wants and needs and a more bespoke solution may be needed. We have added some additional guides and how-to's for cutting the cord and finding content easier.

Using Aggregators to find Streaming Movies and Shows

Finding a certain show or movie can be a hard and laborious task. A new breed of aggregation site can help you out by listing your chosen movie or show along with the streaming providers that can stream it.

How to Wirelessly Stream From Computer and Mobile device to the big screen TV

If you dont want wires showing around your TV then you may be able to wirelessly stream all those great movies and shows to that big old TV. Read our guide on how it's done here.

The best Internet TV Websites around

There are many streams on the web that do not belong to a network but are just, 'out there'. The channels available are wide and varied. Many websites have thousands of these internet TV channels available to access. Find out our pick of the best ones here.

Install a media center to organise your online viewing and DVD collection

By installing a media center you can watch a range of latest online content as well as organise your DVD collection by ripping to your hard drive. Take a look at how you can be watching thousands of titles in the best looking interface around. More here.

Our guide to watching Internet TV

If you are a little confused about all this internet tv streaming business then read our guide that explains it all so you can become an expert in no time. Here's our guide.

Connect your PC To Your Television Set

It's all well and good watching TV from the web but noone is impressed with a 12 or 14 inch screen for watching the latest hollywood blockbusters. We have a guide that will help you hook up your computer to your television set, a marriage made in heaven. More here.