Free Websites - Cord Cutting

There are a number of websites that offer streaming TV, video and movies totally free.

Granted, you may not be able to see the latest cinematic releases (unless you go to the dark side of torrents and pirate sites that is), but you can see a surprising number of titles free of charge. Legitimate sites such as Youtube seem to host a number of full length videos as well. Some are even the latest releases(see more below).

Making use of national and local catch-up TV services also means you can watch bang up to date TV episodes and seasons.

Listed below are some of the best free streaming websites around that cost nothing and deliver great content making them any cord cutters dream come true.


The website that started it all and the biggest site in the world. It has evolved from short-form funny videos into a major movie and TV destination. With a dedicated TV, Movies and music sections along with live sports and original TV channels. The good news is that Youtube has a respectable free movie section which you can acess via computer, but many of the movies are the same as Crackle's offerings. Categories and links to them are :- Action - Crime - Mystery/Thriller - Horror - SciFi - Drama - Comedy - Romance - Documentaries - Music - Sports. You can search for just the free movies or pay to watch the latest content.. For more information on Youtube Read our Review

Youtube and Piracy

Youtube have had a number of run-ins with movie and TV companies about the number of illegal uploads on the worlds biggest video site. To try to combat the problem they have given media companies access to a program called Content ID. This is supposed to make it easy to both identify copyrighted material and get it taken down. Media companies can also make money from ads running on Youtube while their movie runs. So why full length content is constantly on Youtube is a bit of a mystery. But while it's available in the public domain, you can choose to watch it or not.

Useful Youtube Links -

Reddit Youtube Full movie list (this page links to full movies. Seems to be a game of cat and mouse as users upload full movies and Youtube sometimes take them down again. But many seem to stay up for weeks or months)

Reddit Youtube Full TV Shows list Like the movies this page links to many shows including full seasons.

For Against
  • The biggest repository of streaming video in the world
  • Automatically optimized streaming quality
  • Channel subscriptions
  • Seamless embedding across most web platforms
  • Built-in social networking features
  • Hundreds of hours of free content including full movies and shows
  • Poor video quality on many pieces of content
  • Huge number of ads
  • Overly broad searches
  • Too many cat videos, not enough dog videos (according to Leah, not Zaz or Rachel)
 ABC Website make available full free episodes in HD on this ad supported platform.The website is well designed with an easy to follow layout. The website also offers plenty of extra information for all ABC shows andepisodes available are always current but tend to only go back as far as a month. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of full episodes of ABC primetime and daytime shows
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Advertising a pain
  • Episodes expire
  • No full seasons
 ABC Family Website
Along with full on demand episodes of ABC Family's most addictive shows (like Secret Life, Pretty Little Liars, and Switched at Birth), the website and app both offer program schedules so that you never have to miss a live broadcast. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of full episodes of ABC Family shows
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Ad-supported
  • Episodes expire
 Adult Swim Website
If you're disappointed that Adult Swim is only on the air for 9 hours a day, GOOD NEWS! You can watch their weird and wonderful content online and/or on the go. For even more AS content, check out Adult Swim Gold. Read our Review
For Against
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Video clips of other episodes
  • Original games
  • Ad-supported
  • Episodes expire
  • Doesn't offer as many episodes as Adult Swim Gold
 CBS Website
CBS's website, comparitively, offers a much richer experience than its app. With offerings from a back catalog that stretches back decades in addition to full episodes of shows like The Good Wife, CBS has made the PC the place to be. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of full episodes of CBS primetime and daytime shows
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Offers classic and web-only shows in addition to current primetime/daytime/late night content
  • Episodes expire
  • Ad-supported
 CNN Website
The only difference between the content on CNN's site and its app are that you can listen to the sonorous voice of James Earl Jones intoning "This is CNN" on the app if you so choose (and why wouldn't you?!). Read our Review
For Against
  • Video clips and live coverage of major events and press conferences
  • Text stories also available
  • Can send images/stories/videos directly to CNN's iReport coverage
  • Livestreaming of the channel is limited to subscribers of selected cable/satellite providers
 Comedy Central Website
You need your Jon Stewart and your Stephen Colbert. Well, Comedy Central's site has hundreds of hours of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report freely available for your perusal. Remember to take frequent breaks for South Park. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of full episodes of The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, South Park, Tosh.0, & Workaholics
  • Has the full archives of The Daily Show and The Colbert Report available to watch
  • Ad-supported
  • No full-featured app
Sony launched this site to promote content from their back catalog. It's got rotating offerings and a simple, minimally ad-supported interface. If you want to mainline 10 episodes in a row of Seinfeld, this is your destination. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of hundreds of movies and selected television episodes from Sony's catalog
  • Free full access to Crackle's web-original content
  • Ad-supported
  • Selection of quality films can be limited
  • Episodes and films expire out of availability on a monthly basis
 Fox Website has a catch-up website with next-day availability for cable and satellite subscribers and an 8-day delay for everyone else, they've come down squarely against cutting the cord. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of Fox's primetime series
  • Full episodes available day after broadcast for selected cable/satellite providers
  • Content does expire
  • No support for simultaneous use on multiple devices
Hulu is a catch-up destination with content from Fox, NBC, and ABC websites. It's not just TV shows though, Hulu also has a range of movies available to watch on this free (here is the link to the free movie section) on it's ad-supported platform. It is only free for PC though, other platforms need to fork out for the Hulu Plus platform - Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of full TV episodes of current and older series, movies, international content and original stuff
  • Huge selection (which expands with purchase of Hulu+ subscription)
  • Thousands of show clips and movie trailers
  • Lets you build a queue of shows you want to watch
  • Free content only available on a computer (to watch on any other device, mobile, consoles etc. requires subscription service Hulu+)
  • Episodes expire
  • Ad-supported
  • Doesn't cover all networks (No CBS content)
MTV was once a music channel but now it has tons of original reality TV shows as well. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of selected current and former MTV series
  • Show clips, interviews, and MTV News shorts also available on demand
  • Limited selection of episodes available to stream in full
  • Ad-supported
 NBC Website
Everyone's got something they watch on NBC, right? The good news is that if you miss it when it airs, you can watch it on their site. The bad news is that that online watching won't lift their Nielsen ratings. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of full episodes of NBC primetime and daytime shows
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Episodes expire
  • Ad-supported
 PBS Website
It's supported by viewers like you, so why not take advantage of all you've made possible? PBS has one of the broadest online content offerings of any of the traditional networks with a truly vast catalog of programs that will help you impress your friends. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of full episodes of selected current and former PBS series
  • Thousands of show clips and movie trailers
  • Free content only available on a computer (mobile or console-based viewing is only available with a Hulu+ subscription)
  • Ad-supported
 The CW Website
We know that you need your Vampire Diaries fix. The good news is that the CW has been made aware and offers video clips and full episodes of all of their primetime series on their website and their mobile app. Read our Review
For Against
  • Free streaming of the most recent 5 episodes of all primetime CW Network series
  • Episodes are available the day after they air
  • Episodes expire
  • Ad-supported (and there are a lot of ads — really repetitive ads)
Vimeo has user submitted videos along with on-demand content and hi-quality original content from new film makers and musicians. Read our Review
For Against
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Ad-free, uncluttered interface
  • Impressive web-based editing tools for uploaders
  • HD quality is impressive
  • Not as much mainstream content as is available on YouTube

A collection of indie movies and documentaries such as Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me, and a number of older content all available for free. Worth checking out Read our Review

For Against
  • Around 5,000 free titles
  • Many classics and thought provoking documentaries
  • List building and social networking features
  • Content generally old
  • Advertising funded
  • Some will love it and others hate it

Viewster has over 6000 titles available for free using an ad supported model. You do need to pay for downloading and viewing offline and the content may be a little obscure. But hey its free.Read our Review

For Against
  • Offer over 6,000 free titles
  • Apps available for most devices
  • Content is obscure and/or old
  • Advertising supported
  • Need to pay to watch offline

Popcornflix has over 700 films you can watch instantly with no subscription charges or fees. The advertising supported streaming follows the model thatYoutube, Crackle, Viewster and Hulu follow. Full length movies with some of the biggest stars in Hollywood like Brad Pitt, Kristen Stewart, Ryan Reynolds and Olivia Wilde in there younger days.Read our Review

For Against
  • • Stream over 700 hundred films instantly.
    • New films added daily!
    • No limit on number of films viewed.
  • Advertising supported
  • No latest films

Apart from the streaming websites above there are plenty more. Check out our always updated free movies category. and there are many public domain movies available too. Catch-Up services are also free and we have lists for the following Countries (click on the Country to visit the page).

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