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Celebrity Peter Gallagher
Born on 1955-08-19

Peter Gallagher's Website: http://www.petergallagher.com
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TV Shows Peter Gallagher Stars in:
Californication -> Dean Stacy Koons
Covert Affairs -> Arthur Campbell (Season 2+, recurring previously)
Rescue Me -> Father Phil
Movies Peter Gallagher Stars in:
Center Stage -> Jonathan Reeves
Conviction -> Barry Scheck
High Spirits -> Brother Tony
House on Haunted Hill -> Donald W. Blackburn, M.D.
How to Deal -> Len Martin (uncredited)
Johnny Skidmarks -> Johnny Scardino
Mannys Orphans -> Creighton Hall boy
Mothers Boys -> Robert Madigan
Perfume -> Guido
Short Cuts -> Stormy Weathers
The Man Who Knew Too Little -> James 'Jimmy' Ritchie
The Player -> Larry Levy
While You Were Sleeping -> Peter Callaghan
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