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Celebrity Donal Logue
Born on 1966-02-27 as Donal Francis Logue

Donal Francis Logue is a Canadian actor perhaps most famous for his role as Sean Finnerty in the television sitcom Grounded for Life. His other notable roles include starring in the film The Tao of Steve and the detective series Terriers.  
TV Shows Donal Logue Stars in:
Copper -> Brendan Donovan
Gotham -> Detective Harvey Bullock
Terriers -> Hank Dolworth
Vikings -> King Horik
Movies Donal Logue Stars in:
Blade -> Quinn
Diabolique -> Video Photographer #1
Jacks Law -> Buzz (uncredited)
Jerry Maguire -> Rick, Junior Agent
Just Like Heaven -> Jack
Max Payne -> Det. Alex Balder
Reindeer Games -> Pug
Runaway Bride -> Priest Brian Norris
Steal This Movie -> Stew Albert
Takedown -> Alex Lowe
The Big Tease -> Eamonn
The Good Life -> Daryll
The Lodger -> Bunting
The Opportunists -> Pat Duffy
The Size of Watermelons -> Gnome
Zodiac -> Captain Ken Narlow
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