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Colonel Effingham's Raid (1946)

Info for Colonel Effingham's Raid (1946) Comedy about an Army colonel who retires and heads back to his hometown and becomes a newspaper colu...
Flight To Nowhere (1946)

Info for Flight To Nowhere (1946)
An innocent couple board a plane and get caught up in a plot to steal atomic secrets....
Damaged Lives (1933)

Info for Damaged Lives (1933)
Caryl Of The Mountains (1936)

Info for Caryl Of The Mountains (1936)
The Woman Hunter (1972) [tv]

Info for The Woman Hunter (1972) [tv] Dina Hunter is a wealthy woman on vacation with her husband after a traffic accident when she finds ...
Fear In The Night (1947)

Info for Fear In The Night (1947)
After dreaming that he commited a murder, a man wakes and slowly realises his dream may have been re...
Lady in the Death House (1944)

Info for Lady in the Death House (1944)
The Red House (1947)

Info for The Red House (1947)
A handicapped farmer and his sister hide a terrible secret from their adopted teen daughter, who vis...
Two-Gun Man from Harlem (1938)

Info for Two-Gun Man from Harlem (1938) ...
Rogues Gallery (1944)

Info for Rogues Gallery (1944)
Mark of the Avenger (1938) [aka The Mysterious Rider]

Info for Mark of the Avenger (1938) [aka The Mysterious Rider]
Randy Rides Alone (1934)

Info for Randy Rides Alone (1934)
Hoosier Schoolboy (1937)

Info for Hoosier Schoolboy (1937) ...
Symphony of Living (1935)

Info for Symphony of Living (1935)
Born to Gamble (1935)

Info for Born to Gamble (1935)
Outlaws of Boulder Pass (1942)

Info for Outlaws of Boulder Pass (1942)
Western about a ranch that is under attack by outlaws. ...
A Star Is Born (1937)

Info for A Star Is Born (1937) Romance about a starry eyed young woman heading to Hollywood to find fame and fortune and meets up w...
Topper Returns (1941)

Info for Topper Returns (1941)
A murder victim returns as a ghost to help save her friend. ...
Power Dive (1941)

Info for Power Dive (1941)
Love and stunts as two brothers who are test pilots for the latest airborne technology fall for the ...
Tough to Handle (1937)

Info for Tough to Handle (1937)
Trigger Pals (1939)

Info for Trigger Pals (1939) ...
The Law Commands (1937)

Info for The Law Commands (1937)
Trapped (1949)

Info for Trapped (1949)
A locked up counterfeiters dodgy twenty dollar bills are appearing in circulation. He is sprung from...
The Border Patrolman (1936)

Info for The Border Patrolman (1936)
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