Presenters Adam and Morgan set out to find the latest and best video games.

Available on networks: G4TV

Categories: Game-Show
Countries: USA
First Run: 1998-07-04
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1007
Total Visits: 2896
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Adam Sessler - Himself - Host
   Morgan Webb - Herself - Host
   Blair Herter - Himself
   Casey Schreiner - Himself - The MMO Report
   Tim Jennings - Gamertag
   Kristin Holt - Herself - Co-Host
   Cliff Bleszinski - Himself - Design Director Epic Games
   Michael Leffler - Aquaman
   Kevin Pereira - Himself
   Eric Acasio - Intern Shirtless Eric Black Shirt Intern
   Danforth France - Detective
   Tim Schafer - Himself
   Seth Killian - Himself - Senior Combat Advisor Capcom
   Alexandra Sim-Wise - Herself
   Susan Burke - Various
   Zachary Wilson - Himself - Senior Level Designer Kaos Games
   Mike Benson - Himself - Resident Midget Lover
   Olivia Munn - Herself
   Derek Carroll - Himself - Senior Designer Bungie
   Chris Taylor - Himself - CEO Gas Powered Games
   Zach Gage - Himself - Co-Curator Terraforms
   Guy Branum - Dancing Statue
   Hisonni Johnson - Various characters
   Tiffany Pulvino - Herself
   Jedd Scher - Zombie
   Nikki Tomlinson - Devil Dancer
   Laura Mayes - Girlfriend
   Jeff Gerstmann - Guest
   Joel Rubin - Dante
   Diane Yang - Bikini Girl
   Jo-Jo Chen - BlizzCon Cosplayer
   Kamen Edwards - Edward Cullen
   Steve Papoutsis - Himself - Executive Producer Dead Space 2
   Jason Frankovitz - The Disembodied Voice
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