Veep is about former Senator Selina Meyer who's expectations of being Vice President of the United States are shattered.

Available on networks: HBO, Sky Atlantic

First Run: 2012-04-23
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 967
Total Visits: 2517
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.5 (3.5)

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Cast & Characters
   Anna Chlumsky - Amy Brookheimer
   Julia Louis-Dreyfus - Senator Selina Meyer
   Matt Walsh - Mike McLintock
   Reid Scott - Dan Egan
   Sufe Bradshaw - Sue Wilson
   Tim Simon - Jonah Ryan
   Tony Hale - Gary Walsh

Review: Veep

Veep (an abbreviation for Vice-President) explores the many errors and few successes of Selina Meyer, a terribly unlucky fictional vice president of the United States. Thereís no political coloration to Veep, but the sheer mix of irony, comedy and harsh lines manages to captivate the audience right from the first episode. Julia Louis-Dreyfus is at the center of this sitcom, and Veep relies heavily on her performance. However, the smaller characters are also amusing.

Almost all Veep action takes place in the Oval Office, so the VPís team is present all the time and plays a prominent role. Almost every character in the sitcom is flawed in one way or another, which makes for the most fun parts of the series, and most of them are chasing personal benefits.

Surrounded by such a team and always under a lot of pressure at the White House the VP ends up in a lot of embarrassing situations, mainly because of her incredible bad luck. The entire sitcom is truly a collection of embarrassing moments that show how politics is mainly about having and maintaining a good image. Veep does not make reference to any actual real character or even political party, buy only explores power games, negotiation and persuasion, and inside White House intrigues.

In the end, what Selina Meyer learns is that being a high ranking politician at the white house is not all that glamorous and that everything she thought were just rumors about politicians are in fact actually true.


With humor, inspiration and delightful chemistry between the actors, Veep only tells you what you probably already know, namely that politicians are pretty much all the same, chasing more power and more personal benefits.

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