Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is a Canadian comedy mockumentary telling of a couple of small time crooks who decide to get a documentary made detailing there trailer park life. The show details their daily life along with the neighbors as they grow dope, smoke and run scams between visits to jail. The show was created and directed by Mike Clattenburg and was first aired in 2001

Available on networks: BBC America, Comedy Central, DR, Showcase, NETFLIX, Hulu

Categories: Comedy, Drama
Countries: Canada
First Run: 2001-04-02
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 949
Total Visits: 3287
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   John Paul Tremblay - Julian
   Robb Wells - Ricky
   John Dunsworth - Jim Lahey
   Patrick Roach - Randy
   Lucy Decoutere - Lucy
   Sarah Dunsworth - Sarah
   Jonathan Torrens - J-Roc
   Barrie Dunn - Ray
   Mike Smith - Bubbles
   Jeanna Harrison - Trinity
   Tyrone Parsons - Tyrone
   Shelley Thompson - Barb Lahey
   Michael Jackson - Trevor
   Cory Bowles - Cory
   Garry James - Detroit Velvet Smooth
   George Green - Officer George Green
   Jacob Rolfe - Jacob Collins
   Jim Swansburg - Detective Ted Johnson
   Richard Collins - Phil Collins
   Sam Tarasco - Sam Losco
   Bernard Robichaud - Cyrus
   Amy Kerr - Baby Mama 2
   Jason Daley - Alien Trevor 1
   Nicholas Lachance - Alien Trevor 2
   Ellen Page - Treena Lahey
   Nikki Timmons - Background
   Valerie Fougere - Baby Mama 1
   Shauna MacDonald - Officer Erica Miller
   Novalea Buchan - Police Officer
   Mio Adilman - Terry
   Nobu Adilman - Dennis
   Sebastian Bach - Himself
   George Canyon - Head Forest Ranger
   David Gunning - Forest Ranger
   Mike ONeill - Thomas Collins
   Brian Huggins - Shitty Bill
   Conky - Himself
   Ardon Bess - Levi
   Sandi Ross - Desiree
   Brian Austin Green - 2nd Police Officer
   Fukuko Saito - Terry & Denniss Grandmother
   William Parsons - Bill
   Mary Alvena Poole - Alvena
   Shawn Duggan - Dave - Train Rep
   Chase Duffy - Highway Police Officer
   Shaun R. Clarke - Prison Guard
   Tara Doyle - Massage Lady
   Craig Wood - Tractor Man
   Linda Busby - J-Rocs Mom
   Jarrett Murphy - Soundman
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