The Voice

A show that strips away everything except the contestants voice. Four famous musicians become judges as they search for the best voice in this blind audition where the judges cannot see, but only hear their talent.

Available on networks: NBC

Categories: Music, Reality-TV
Countries: USA
First Run: 2009-07-19
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 990
Total Visits: 4184
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Adam Levine - Coach
   Alanis Morissette - Mentor
   Ashley De La Rosa - Season 2 - Contestant
   Blake Shelton - Coach
   Cee Lo Green - Coach
   Charlotte Sometimes - Season 2 - Contestant
   Christina Aguilera - Star
   Erin Martin - Season 2 - Contestant
   Erin Willett - Season 2 - Contestant
   Jamar Rogers - Season 2 - Contestant
   James Massone - Season 2 - Contestant
   Jermaine Paul - Season 2 - Contestant
   Jewel - Mentor
   Juliet Simms - Season 2 - Contestant
   Karla Davis - Season 2 - Contestant
   Katrina Parker - Season 2 - Contestant
   Kelly Clarkson - Mentor
   Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds - Mentor
   Kim Yarbrough - Season 2 - Contestant
   Lindsey Pavao - Season 2 - Contestant
   Lionel Richie - Mentor
   Miranda Lambert - Mentor
   Moses Stone - Season 2 - Contestant
   Naia Kete - Season 2 - Contestant
   Ne-Yo - Mentor
   Phillip Andrew Arnold - Season 2 - Contestant
   Robin Thicke - Mentor
   Sera Hill - Season 2 - Contestant
   Sharon Mathai - Season 2 - Contestant
   Tony Vincent (II) - Season 2 - Contestant

The Voice - Make it with just your voice

For many years American Idol has been the talent show of choice if you want to be a singer. People have waited in long lines just to get a shot of being on American idol where they stand in front of 3-4 judges who listen to them sing. If their singing skills are good enough they go on through to the next round. The Voice is quite a bit different than American Idol. One thing that really stands out about The Voice is the fact that the four judges cannot see the contestants before they vote on them.

There have been times on America idol where the judges have made judgments about how the people look. This is not so on The Voice. You go on The Voice hoping to get one of the 4 judges to take you on their team judging you only on your voice.

You walk onto the stage and the judges are in really large chairs. The judges can not see around the chairs at all and face the audience. The contestants then go and sing for the judges and if their voices hold hope the judges will hit a button and turn their chairs around.

Then the contestants will pick a judge they want to side with if more than one wants them on their team. The show has wonderful singers on it just like American Idol only that is does things quite a bit different. Just like other singing shows you can call in and vote to save your favorites as the show goes on.


If you are looking for a new singing show to watch with a twist then you will like this show. Itís a lot different than other singing shows over the years and has quite a large following because of this.

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Summary: Darn good show
Review: Top 6 about to battle it out, my top performer is Michelle Chamuel, loves how she sings.
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