The Tudors

The Tudors is a series partly based the life of Henry VIII.

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Categories: Drama, History, Romance
Countries: USA
First Run: 2007-04-02
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
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Total Visits: 4213
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jonathan Rhys Meyers - King Henry VIII
   Henry Cavill - Charles Brandon
   Anthony Brophy - Ambassador Bishop Chapuys
   James Frain - Thomas Cromwell
   Sarah Bolger - Mary Tudor
   Guy Carleton - Chamberlain
   Natalie Dormer - Anne Boleyn
   Max Brown - Edward Seymour
   Nick Dunning - Thomas Boleyn
   Rod Hallett - Richard Rich
   Maria Doyle Kennedy - Queen Catherine of Aragon
   Simon Ward - Bishop Gardiner
   Padraic Delaney - George Boleyn
   Jeremy Northam - Sir Thomas More
   Jane Brennan - Lady Margaret Bryan
   Emma Hamilton - Anne Stanhope
   Jamie Thomas King - Thomas Wyatt
   Rebekah Wainwright - Catherine
   Joanne King - Lady Rochford
   Frank McCusker - Risley
   Andrew McNair - Thomas Seymour
   John Kavanagh - Cardinal Campeggio
   Myia Elliott - Lady Anne Clifford
   Sam Neill - Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
   Callum Blue - Anthony Knivert
   Henry Czerny - Norfolk
   Hans Matheson - Thomas Cranmer
   David OHara - Henry Howard Earl of Surrey
   David Alpay - Mark Smeaton
   Joe Van Moyland - Thomas Tallis
   Suzy Lawlor - Anne Parr
   Bosco Hogan - Bishop Fisher
   Maude Hirst - Kat Ashley
   Alan Van Sprang - Sir Francis Bryan
   Laoise Murray - Lady Elizabeth
   Torrance Coombs - Culpepper
   Peter OToole - Pope Paul III
   Kris Holden-Ried - William Compton
   Catherine Byrne - Alice More
   Declan Conlon - Mendoza
   Tamzin Merchant - Catherine Howard
   Gabrielle Anwar - Princess Margaret
   James Gilbert - William Brereton
   Perdita Weeks - Mary Boleyn
   Laura Jane Laughlin - Madge Sheldon
   Serena Brabazon - Nan Saville
   Eoin Murtagh - Prince Edward
   Dennis Quilligan - Royal Surgeon
   Steve Wilson - Tower Constable
   Selma Brook - Brigitte

Review: The Tudors

The Tudors presents the reign and especially the marriages of King Henry the VIII. You have surely heard of him. Henry the VIII is the British king who had six wives and beheaded two of them. These small biographic details made him famous and have led producers to create a television series about him.

It generally respects the history but of course with some small modifications for a more exciting action. There are many sites where you can read about the differences between the facts presented in the series and the reality, and if you love the show, you will be curious to search more historical information.

The main role is played by Jonathan Rhys - Meyers, this being the first and largest discrepancy in the series as the true King Henry the VIII was a fat man to the end of his life, and a somewhat ugly, unattractive and short person. Jonathan is exactly the opposite. But how else would have worked the love scenes between Henry and the beautiful Anne Boleyn on the screen?

The story begins 20 years after Henry marries Catherine of Aragon, princess of Spain. Henry falls in love with Anne Boleyn and leaves behind almost everything: his religion, his faithful wife, and his daughter. Blinded by love and the sexual manipulations of Anne, Henry gets in conflict with the Pope and his people, who are devoted to Catherine. After the country switches from Catholicism to the Anglican religion, Henry marries Anne, but the marriage will not last long. Anne promises him an heir, a boy, but her end comes after she gives birth to a daughter, future Queen Elizabeth. After the decapitation of Anne, Henry falls in love with Jane Seymour, and they get engaged one day after the decapitation. Jane is very different from Henry’s first two wives. She is a simple, uneducated woman but the only wife who gives birth to a boy. Unfortunately, Jane won't be able to see his son grow as she dies at his birth.

After Jane's death, Henry marries Anne of Cleves, a German princess. The two did not know each other before their marriage, just from pictures, and when Henry first saw Anne, he didn't like her at all. Moreover, he was actually terrified by her, although the woman didn't look all that bad. Their marriage was annulled shortly after. Catherine Howard was the fifth wife of Henry and his second wife to be beheaded, on grounds of infidelity. It's interesting that Catherine was a cousin of Anne Boleyn. The King's last wife, the one who survived him, is Catherine Parr. She managed to reconcile the king with his daughters, Mary and Elizabeth.


I strongly recommend this series as it is made in an exceptional way and is very interesting. It will further tempt you into reading more about Henry’s life and about history in general.

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Review: Review: The Tudors There are plenty historically themed TV series that fail embarrassingly because they try to present things disregarding the historical truth for the sake of entertainment. Fortunately, The Tudors is not a series in this category even though there is a deviation from the historical facts in this series too. The series does not want anything else but to provide a vivid image of life at King Henry’s court, England’s famous King Henry VIII. The series introduces us into the atmosphere at the court during Henry’s first years of ruling, the wild years when the King was young, seeking glory and always inclined to fall in love madly. The series is titled The Tudors because Henry VIII is part of the Tudor dynasty and the second king of England to come from the dynasty after his father Henry VII. The reason why producers decided to choose Henry VIII as the main focus of the series is because he is a leading figure in England’s history and his political actions are well connected with his boisterous personal life. Henry VIII had no less than six wives: Catherine, Anne Boleyn that plays a prominent part in the series, Jane, Anne, Catherine and yet another Catherine. In fact, the most important political act of Henry VIII came as a result of his first marriage. As his first wife could not have children, the king wanted to divorce her and marry Anne Boleyn, a lady at the court. But as Pope Clement VII refused to allow the royal couple divorce, Henry VIII broke with the Roman Catholic Church and thus laid the foundation of the Anglican Church. Verdict: I noticed a certain lack of dynamism, which is not all that great for a TV series, but other than this The Tudors is an excellent show. The costumes, the music and everything else about The Tudors is just perfect. This is a great series to learn about the history of England as well as to enjoy some incredible love stories, conspiracy, betrayal, and executions.
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