The Sopranos

A tale about modern day New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano, where he deals with the issues of his home life and his business life.

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Categories: Crime, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 1999-01-11
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 956
Total Visits: 4362
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   James Gandolfini - Tony Soprano
   Lorraine Bracco - Dr. Jennifer Melfi
   Edie Falco - Carmela Soprano
   Michael Imperioli - Christopher Moltisanti
   Dominic Chianese - Junior Soprano
   Tony Sirico - Paulie Walnuts Gualtieri
   Robert Iler - A.J. Soprano
   Steve Van Zandt - Silvio Dante
   Jamie-Lynn Sigler - Meadow Soprano
   Aida Turturro - Janice Soprano
   Drea de Matteo - Adriana La Cerva
   Steve Schirripa - Bobby Bacala Baccalieri
   Dan Grimaldi - Patsy Parisi
   Joseph R. Gannascoli - Vito Spatafore
   John Ventimiglia - Artie Bucco
   Sharon Angela - Rosalie Aprile
   Vincent Curatola - Johnny Sack Sacramoni
   Federico Castelluccio - Furio Giunta
   Frank Vincent - Phil Leotardo
   Vincent Pastore - Salvatore Big Pussy Bonpensiero
   Arthur J. Nascarella - Carlo Gervasi
   Max Casella - Benny Fazio
   Maureen Van Zandt - Gabriella Dante
   Matt Servitto - Agent Dwight Harris
   Nancy Marchand - Livia Soprano
   Jerry Adler - Hesh
   Robert Funaro - Eugene Pontecorvo
   Carl Capotorto - Little Paulie Germani
   Joe Pantoliano - Ralph Cifaretto
   Tom Aldredge - Hugh DeAngelis
   Kathrine Narducci - Charmaine Bucco
   Suzanne Shepherd - Mary DeAngelis
   Angelo Massagli - Bobby Baccalieri Jr.
   Ray Abruzzo - Little Carmine Lupertazzi
   Denise Borino-Quinn - Ginny Sacrimoni
   George Loros - Raymond Curto
   Peter Bogdanovich - Dr. Elliot Kupferberg
   Steve Buscemi - Tony Blundetto
   Tony Darrow - Larry Boy Barese
   Jeffrey M. Marchetti - Peter LaRosa
   Will Janowitz - Finn DeTrolio
   Oksana Lada - Irina Peltsin
   Frank Santorelli - Georgie
   John Cha Cha Ciarcia - Albie Cianflone
   John Fiore - Gigi Cestone
   Paul Schulze - Father Phil Intintola
   Richard Portnow - Attorney Hal Melvoin
   Miryam Coppersmith - Sophia Baccalieri
   David Proval - Richie Aprile
   Jason Cerbone - Jackie Aprile Jr.

Review: The Sopranos - The Godfather of TV Shows

I was lucky enough to be the among those who only learned about The Sopranos a few years ago, well after this much appraised HBO series had come to a conclusion. Those who already watched The Sopranos know that it wasn't, in fact, much of a conclusion as producer David Chace had decided on a controversial, no-ending kind of finale for this series.

The Sopranos is a TV series rewarded with so many awards it suffices to mention the twenty-one Emmys it has received. James Gandolfini portrays Tony Soprano as the lead character of the series. Tony Soprano is the iron-fisted mobster head of a powerful New Jersey crime family, a family that dominates the local crime scene. Tony is caught in between his two families; his wife and two kids, on the one hand, and his criminal organization, on the other hand. As if that isn't enough, Tony Soprano has to deal with an old mother and his uncle, both embodying the values of the old fashioned mafia family typology, the values of past times when Tony's father and his crew were ruling over the New Jersey criminal scene.

The Sopranos is a multi- layered, complex series that manages to keep viewers on the edge from one episode to another. However, the complex relationship between Tony and his families as well as among family members of both worlds, not only keep viewers engaged but soon get Tony on the psychoanalytic couch of Dr. Melfi, Tony's therapist brilliantly portrayed by Lorraine Bracco.

Whether we are talking about his son, daughter, wife and mother, ore we are talking about his New Jersey crime syndicate and the bigger fish in New York that ultimately govern over Tony's business is certainly affecting Tony Sopranos inner life. As his panic attacks start interfering with his work and seem to threaten his life, Tony's routine starts including regular visits to Dr. Melfi's office. You can only imagine how complex Tony's life becomes from this point forward.

The Sopranos is yet another must-watch TV series from HBO; probably one of the best series ever created and certainly one that time will only confirm as The Godfather of TV series.
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