The Price Is Right

The show that gave the nation the classic phrase, "Come on down." Contestants have to guess the prices of everyday products to win them in the longest running game show on TV.

Available on networks: CBS

Categories: Family, Game-Show
Countries: USA
First Run: 1956-11-01
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 972
Total Visits: 3392
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Amber Lancaster - Model (seasons 36-present)
   Anitra Ford - Model (seasons 1-5)
   Bob Barker - Host (seasons 1-35)
   Brandi Sherwood - Model (seasons 31-37)
   Chantel Dubay - Model (seasons 25-28)
   Claudia Jordan - Model (seasons 29-32)
   Dian Parkinson - Model (seasons 3-21)
   Drew Carey - Host (seasons 36-present)
   Gabrielle Tuite - Model (seasons 32-37)
   Gena Lee Nolin - Model (seasons 22-24)
   George Gray - Announcer (seasons 39-present)
   Gwendolyn Osborne - Model (seasons 33-present)
   Heather Kozar - Model (seasons 29-30)
   Holly Hallstrom - Model (seasons 5-24)
   Janice Pennington - Model (seasons 1-29)
   Jennifer England - Model (season 31)
   Johnny Olson - Announcer (seasons 1-14)
   Kathleen Bradley - Model (seasons 19-29)
   Lanisha Cole - Model (seasons 31-39)
   Lisa Gleave - Model (season 31)
   Manuela Arbelaez - Model (seasons 37-present)
   Nikki Schieler Ziering - Model (seasons 28-31)
   Phire Dawson - Model (seasons 34-37)
   Rachel Reynolds - Model (seasons 31-present)
   Rebecca Mary Pribonic - Model (seasons 32-34)
   Rich Fields - Announcer (seasons 32-38)
   Rod Roddy - Announcer (seasons 14-32)
   Shane Stirling - Model (seasons 31-37)
   Starr Campbell - Model (seasons 32-33)
   Teri Harrison - Model (seasons 32-33)
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