The Big C

A mum who is diagnosed with cancer, attempts to find humor in the disease.

Available on networks: Canal+, Comedy Max, FOXlife, FOX, HBO, HOT, M-Net, Mega Channel, More4, POP Brio, RTE One, Showtime, TV2, TV3, YLE

Categories: Comedy, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2010-08-17
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 683
Total Visits: 2933
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Laura Linney - Cathy Jamison
   Oliver Platt - Paul Jamison
   Gabriel Basso - Adam Jamison
   John Benjamin Hickey - Sean Tolkey
   Gabourey Sidibe - Andrea Jackson
   Phyllis Somerville - Marlene
   Cynthia Nixon - Rebecca
   Reid Scott - Dr. Todd Mauer
   Hugh Dancy - Lee Fallon
   Alexandra Socha - Mia
   Susan Sarandon - Joy Kleinman
   Boyd Holbrook - Mykail
   Kailie Torres - Jesse
   Lee Tergesen - Kirby
   Alan Alda - Dr. Atticus Sherman
   Idris Elba - Lenny
   Hamish Linklater - Dave Cooper
   Nadia Dajani - Tina
   Michael Chernus - Pastor Rick
   Parker Posey - Poppy Kowalski
   Emily Kinney - Emily
   Brian dArcy James - Tim
   Roslyn Ruff - Nurse
   Mamie Gummer - Maxine Cooper
   Tammy Blanchard - Giselle
   Fredi Walker-Browne - Shay
   Nick Blaemire - Owen
   Andrew Pifko - Eduardo
   Connie Ray - Principal Connie Schuler
   Elizabeth Twining - Christina
   Phill Lewis - Cool Pools Boss
   Nathan Eswine - Brent
   Andrew Friedman - Mr. Ingvoll
   Marcia DeBonis - Cheryl
   Daniel Cameron Talbott - Nick
   Ben Sinclair - Homeless Guy
   Caine Sheppard - Morgan
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