Reality show set on a remote location and featuring a group of contestants who must survive. The winner takes home a cool million dollars.

Available on networks: AXN, CBS, TBS, TV3, Viasat 3, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime

Categories: Adventure, Reality-TV, Game-Show
Countries: USA
First Run: 2000-05-01
Runtime: 45 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1320
Total Visits: 4463
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jeff Probst - Himself - Host
   Rob Mariano - Himself - Chapera Tribe
   Jerri Manthey - Herself - Villains Tribe
   Colby Donaldson - Himself - Mogo Mogo Tribe
   Rupert Boneham - Himself - Heroes Tribe
   Benjamin Wade - Himself - Villains Tribe
   Parvati Shallow - Herself - Rarotonga Tribe
   Oscar Lusth - Himself
   Amanda Kimmel - Herself - Heroes Tribe
   Russell Hantz - Himself - Villains Tribe
   Cirie Fields - Herself
   Jonathan Penner - Himself
   Amber Brkich - Herself - Chapera Tribe
   James Clement - Himself
   Alicia Calaway - Herself - Chapera Tribe
   Ethan Zohn - Himself - Saboga Tribe
   Tina Wesson - Herself - Saboga Tribe
   Stephenie LaGrossa - Herself - Ulong Tribe
   Tom Buchanan - Himself - Chapera Tribe
   Lex van den Berghe - Himself - Mogo Mogo Tribe
   Richard Hatch - Himself - Mogo Mogo Tribe
   Rudy Boesch - Himself - Saboga Tribe
   Kathy Vavrick-OBrien - Herself - Mogo Mogo Tribe
   Jenna Lewis - Herself - Pagong Tribe
   Susan Hawk - Herself - Chapera Tribe
   Jenna Morasca - Herself - Mogo Mogo Tribe
   Danielle DiLorenzo - Herself - Villains Tribe
   Candice Woodcock - Herself - Heroes Tribe
   Shii Ann Huang - Herself - Sook Jai Tribe
   Michael Skupin - Himself - Kucha Tribe
   Rob Cesternino - Himself - Chapera Tribe
   James Thomas Jr. - Himself - Heroes Tribe
   Sandra Diaz-Twine - Herself - Villains Tribe
   Courtney Yates - Herself - Villains Tribe
   Eliza Orlins - Herself - Yasur Tribe
   Bobby Jon Drinkard - Himself - Ulong Tribe
   Tyson Apostol - Himself - Timbira Tribe
   Ami Cusack - Herself - Yasur Tribe
   Tom Westman - Himself - Koror Tribe
   John Cochran - Himself - Savaii Tribe
   Brandon Hantz - Himself - Upolu Tribe
   Dawn Meehan - Herself - Savaii Tribe
   Brenda Lowe - Herself - La Flor Tribe
   Randy Bailey - Himself - Fang
   Phillip Sheppard - Himself - Ometepe Tribe
   Malcolm Freberg - Himself - Dangrayne Tribe
   Andrea Boehlke - Herself - Ometepe Tribe
   Erik Reichenbach - Himself
   Jon Dalton - Himself - Drake Tribe
   Yau-Man Chan - Himself - Ravu Tribe

Survivor - Can you outlast?

You have probably heard about the show survivor. If you have not you must not watch a lot of TV. Since survivor has been on the air for 12 years, I doubt anyone who watches any TV has not heard about survivor. Survivor is one of the top most viewed reality TV shows on all of television. It is on the CBS network.

The show is about 16 people from all over the United States who come to compete for the ultimate prize of One Million Dollars. While a million dollars is not as much as it once was, it is still several years wages for the average family home. Even after taxes, a million dollars is well worth enduring a survival situation for.

Survivor is 39 days long. 16 people compete with each other to outlast each other. Only 2-3 people will make it to the final vote. Before they can make it the full 39 days, they have to compete in the challenges and beat the other contestants. Survivor is split up amongst two tribes. There are two challenges each week.

One is a reward challenge and one is an immunity challenge. The teams first compete in the reward challenge for a reward. The teams compete and one team will win and one will go back to camp with nothing. Many of the rewards are food and other needed items for making cam life better. Some of the challenges offer contestants the ability to do great things. Like a helicopter ride around the island and giving toys to kids who are poor.

The most important challenge is the immunity challenge. This helps to determine your chances of winning the million dollars. At first this challenge is about a team win. The winning team won’t have to go to tribal council and vote off a team member. Later in the game the immunity challenge is about the individual as survivor becomes an individual game.

This happens after the merge. The merging of the two tribes happens after so many people are voted off. The merge is always a tough time for the contestants but that is what the game is all about.

You will like survivor if you like watching regular people live with barely anything for 39 days. It is a great reality TV show with a lot of great moments.

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