Suits is a legal drama that follows a young college dropout with a photographic Memory, Mike Ross as he aspires becoming an attorney. Mike gets his chances to achieve his dream when newly promoted Hervey Specter, one of the best attorneys, hires Mikes as his new associate, mainly to do with his quick whiteness and his photographic memory. Mike is soon thrown into the world of law and the rivals and conflicts that come with it.

Available on networks: USA Network

Categories: Comedy, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-06-24
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1082
Total Visits: 4461
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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'Suits' is an American television series with great success in the United States, created by Aaron Korsh and broadcast on the USA Network.

The action takes place in a Manhattan law firm. Mike Ross (P.J Adams), a genius who dropped out of college, help others pass their bar exams by cheating. Because he needs money to support his grandmother, he agrees to make a drug shipment on behalf of his best friend, Trevor. Harvey Spector (Gabriel Macht) is one of the best lawyers in New York, and he is forced by his company to hire people. Meanwhile, Mike realizes that the transport is only a police set up, so he runs and gets into Harvey's office. Harvey realizes the knowledge, skills and strong desire of Mike and decides to hire him despite not having a diploma. The two become partners, being strongly united by this secret, yet obstacles will appear quickly in their.

Harvey Spector has a strong character, and he puts pride above all. He's the kind of person who prefers to remain distant and not to get emotionally involved in relationships with customers, but he is willing to do anything in its power to win a case, except to change the truth.

Mike Ross is a genius without a diploma, passionate about his new job. He earns his money by showing up on bar exams for others, assuming their identity. He has a huge asset, and that is his great memory.

Louis Litt is Harvey's rival. He is a good lawyer but not quite at the level of Harvey. This makes him frustrated and angry because no one gives him credit for his work in the company. Donna Paulsen is Harvey's secretary. She is both secretary and confidant to Harvey Spector. Although she is in love with him, she manages to suppress her feelings. She is by his side in any risky situation that might destroy his career. Rachel Zane, another female character of the series becomes very close friends with Mike, and she helps him a lot, but later develops feelings for him. Jessica Pearson is one of the partners of Pearson and Hardman. Jessica and Harvey have a very close relationship. She is Harvey's mentor and coach, who she protects in any situation.


Suits is definitely not going to bore you. If you want to start watching an entertaining series, Suits is sure worth your consideration.

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