Strike Back

A secret UK Intelligence Service called Section 20 go on several high risk missions around the world.

Available on networks: 2BE, Cinemax, FOX, HBO, RTL2, Sky1, Viasat 6, WoWow

Categories: Action, Drama, Thriller
Countries: UK
First Run: 2010-05-06
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 929
Total Visits: 3939
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Philip Winchester - Sgt. Michael Stonebridge
   Sullivan Stapleton - Sgt. Damien Scott
   Michelle Lukes - Sgt. Julia Richmond
   Rhashan Stone - Maj. Oliver Sinclair
   Rhona Mitra - Maj. Rachel Dalton
   Liam Garrigan - Sgt Liam Baxter
   Amanda Mealing - Col. Eleanor Grant
   Charles Dance - Conrad Knox
   Vincent Regan - Karl Matlock
   Shane Taylor - Craig Hanson
   Richard Armitage - John Porter
   Jimi Mistry - Latif
   Natalie Becker - Jessica Kohl
   Alexandra Moen - Kerry Stonebridge
   Andrew Lincoln - Hugh Collinson
   Jodhi May - Layla Thompson
   Shelley Conn - Danni Prendiville
   Eva Birthistle - Capt. Kate Marshall
   Stephanie Vogt - Christy Bryant
   Colin Salmon - James Middleton
   Laura Greenwood - Alexandra Porter
   Olivia Grant - Ava Knox
   Nicola Stephenson - Diane Porter
   Natalia Avelon - Marianna
   Craig Hawks - Steve Andrews
   Sasha Behar - Iman Zubedah
   Ferenc Lengyel - Usmanov
   Nick Reding - Joseph Dreyer
   Abdi Gouhad - Armali
   Lyne Renee - Rebecca
   Louis Joubert - Matlock Mercenary
   Laura Haddock - Dr. Clare Somersby
   Mel Raido - Hasani
   Ewen Bremner - Gerald Baxter
   Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje - Tahir
   Cal Macaninch - Major Chris Pemberton
   Shaun Parkes - Felix Masuku
   Alexander Siddig - Zahir Sharq
   Liam Cunningham - Daniel Connolly
   Iain Glen - Gerald Crawford
   David Haig - Christopher Manning
   Toby Stephens - Frank Arlington
   David Harewood - Colonel Tshuma
   Orla Brady - Katie Dartmouth
   Dhaffer LAbidine - Hakim Al Nazeri
   Alyy Khan - Maj. Gen. Kohli
   Orla ORourke - Neve
   Adrian Rawlins - John Allen
   Paul Freeman - Peter Evans
   Tim Pigott-Smith - Patrick Burton

Review: Strike Back

Strike Back is a British action series launched back in 2010. The story of this series is directly related to the fight against terrorism, and the conflicts are quite realistic. Another factor that contributes to the realism of the series is the fact that the scenes taking place in South Africa were also filmed in this country. The series protagonists are not free from danger, often finding themselves in situations out of which sometimes they can't get alive.

The action in the first season has Hugh Collinson and John Porter in its foreground.
John Porter is a SAS soldier. During a mission to release a hostage in Iraq, John had saved the life of a child who was assigned with a suicide attack. Being left alone and unsupervised, the child took a gun and killed three British soldiers. Following this event and being accused, he chose to withdraw from SAS. Things take another twist when seven years later John recognizes the child as one of the terrorists responsible for the kidnapping of a journalist.

Hugh Collinson is the commanding officer of the Section 20. Former captain in the intelligence services, Hugh was also involved in the hostage extraction mission in Iraq along with Sergeant John Porter. Seven years later, despite their disagreements, the two are bound to work together in high risk missions.


This is an extremely well done British series, very realistic, whose action takes place on about three continents being just suitable for thrill lovers. There's no lack of backstage games, intrigues, commando actions, modern technologies, spies, terrorists, rebels and of course of the usual casualties.

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