Stargate Atlantis

An enemy called The Wraith are what await a team made up of military and scientists after they discover a bunch of Stargate's in the Pegasus Galaxy.

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Categories: Action, Drama, Sci-Fi, Adventure
Countries: UK,Canada,USA
First Run: 2004-07-17
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
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Total Visits: 3144
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Joe Flanigan - Lt. Colonel John Sheppard
   Rachel Luttrell - Teyla Emmagan
   David Hewlett - Dr. Rodney McKay
   Jason Momoa - Ronon Dex
   Torri Higginson - Dr. Elizabeth Weir
   Paul McGillion - Dr. Carson Beckett
   David Nykl - Dr. Radek Zelenka
   Chuck Campbell - Chuck the Technician
   Jewel Staite - Dr. Jennifer Keller
   Kavan Smith - Major Evan Lorne
   Robert Picardo - Richard Woolsey
   Amanda Tapping - Colonel Samantha Carter
   Rainbow Francks - Lt. Aiden Ford
   Mitch Pileggi - Colonel Steven Caldwell
   Christopher Heyerdahl - Todd the Wraith
   James Lafazanos - Wraith
   Gary Jones - Chief Mst Sgt. Walter Harriman
   Sharon Taylor - Amelia Banks
   Connor Trinneer - Michael Kenmore
   Dean Marshall - Sgt. Bates
   Linda Ko - Marie
   Craig Veroni - Dr. Peter Grodin
   Andee Frizzell - Wraith Queen
   Kirby Morrow - Captain Dave Kleinman
   Bill Dow - Dr. Bill Lee
   Trevor Devall - Hermiod
   Robert Davi - Commander Acastus Kolya
   Scott Heindl - Wraith
   Ben Cotton - Dr. Kavanagh
   Tyler McClendon - Kenny Wraith
   Heather Doerksen - Captain Pat Meyers
   James Chutter - Babbis
   Claire Rankin - Dr. Kate Heightmeyer
   Michael Beach - Colonel Abe Ellis
   Ryan Robbins - Ladon Radim
   Martin Christopher - Major Kevin Marks
   Patrick Sabongui - Kanaan
   Edmond Kato Wong - Technician
   Beau Bridges - Major General Hank Landry
   Boyan Vukelic - Sgt. Stackhouse
   Dan Payne - Big Wraith
   Richard Dean Anderson - Major General Jack ONeill
   Kate Hewlett - Jeannie Miller
   Brenda James - Dr. Katie Brown
   Brendan Penny - Todd the Wraith
   Annalise MacCulloch - Torren
   Gerry Durand - Airman
   Jeffrey C. Robinson - Wraith
   Erin Chambers - Sora
   Michael Shanks - Dr. Daniel Jackson

Stargate Atlantis - A different Stargate

If you like sci-fi shows then you likely have heard about the Stargate series of tv shows. Stargate started out as a movie back in the 90's but then turned into a tv show. The movie was a hit and so a tv show was made. The original Stargate was a hit and lasted for ten wonderful seasons.

Unlike many shows Stargate was great until the very end. Few of the episodes were what you could call boring so this was a great feat for a tv series. Right before the original Stargate went off the air the spin off Stargate Atlantis was made.

It is based off of at least one episode of the original Stargate series. It is all about another set of Stargates in another galaxy and also about the lost city of Atlantis. It has a completely new cast. Some members of the original Stargate Sg1 show are also in this show. They do not play any main roles but show up as guests during the show when needed.

I am a big fan of the original series and I also liked this series. It has its own great moments but never reached the fanfare that the original one did. Stargate Atlantis ran for five seasons.


If you liked the original Stargate series then you will find this show at least worth watching. You might like this one as good as or better than the original series.
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