Spin City

In New York the Deputy Mayor's team has been tasked to save the Mayor from the media.

Available on networks: ABC, Comedy Central, ITV1, Net5, Veronica

Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 1996-08-29
Runtime: 25 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 934
Total Visits: 2579
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Richard Kind - Paul Lassiter
   Michael Boatman - Carter Heywood
   Barry Bostwick - Mayor Randall M. Winston Jr.
   Alan Ruck - Stuart Bondek
   Michael J. Fox - Mike Flaherty
   Connie Britton - Nikki Faber
   Alexander Chaplin - James Hobert
   Victoria Dillard - Janelle Cooper
   Heather Locklear - Caitlin Moore
   Charlie Sheen - Charlie Crawford
   Jennifer Esposito - Stacey Paterno
   Lana Parrilla - Angie Ordonez
   Faith Prince - Claudia
   Carla Gugino - Ashley Schaeffer
   John Harrington Bland - First Reporter
   Taylor Stanley - Karen
   Beth Littleford - Deidre West
   Paula Marshall - Laurie Parres
   Wes - Rags
   Heidi Klum - Herself
   Sylvia Kauders - Roberta
   Dan Kinsella - Bingo Announcer
   Perry King - Tom Crandall
   Deborah Rush - Helen
   John Scurti - Reporter
   Denise Richards - Jennifer Duncan
   Regis Philbin - Himself
   Mark Nelson - Therapist
   Sam Robards - Arthur
   Barry Wiggins - Bartender
   Farrah Fawcett - Judge Claire Simmons
   Scott Wolf - Tim Connelly
   Lisa Louise Langford - First Reporter
   Raquel Welch - Abby Lassiter
   Charles White - Hank Dorsett
   Gerry Becker - Dr. Cosimi
   John Bedford Lloyd - Wayne Sheridan
   Michael Hobert - Clerk
   Deirdre Lovejoy - First Reporter
   Kim Sykes - First Reporter
   Maurice Godin - Trevor Wolfe
   Charlie Hartsock - Reporter
   Olivia dAbo - Allison Wright
   Joanna Going - Julia Rhodes
   Lori Loughlin - Michelle
   Meredith Baxter - Macy
   Ed Koch - Himself
   Sam Seder - Bogus Temp
   David Carlson - Reporter
   Joel Hurt Jones - Press Person
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