South Park

South Park follows four foul mouthed fourth graders in the small nd some say, inbred South Park, Colorado. The boys comprise of very nervous but somewhat sensible Stan Marsh, the self-flagellating and neurotic Kyle Broflovski, obese and obnoxious Eric Cartman, and mumbling, parka-wearing Kenny McCormick.

Available on networks: AXN, Antena 3, Canal+, Comedy Central, Cuatro, HBO, MTV, MTV3, Nelonen, Net5, Poen, RTL, The Box, V8, Veronica, Viva, NETFLIX, Hulu, Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime

Categories: Animation, Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 1997-08-02
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1617
Total Visits: 8393
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Trey Parker - Stan Marsh
   Matt Stone - Kyle Broflovski
   Mona Marshall - Sheila Broflovski
   Isaac Hayes - Chef
   April Stewart - Sharon Marsh
   Eliza Schneider - Liane Cartman
   Mary Kay Bergman - Liane Cartman
   Adrien Beard - Token Black
   Jennifer Howell - Bebe Stevens
   Kyle McCulloch - Richard Dawkins
   John Nancy Hansen - Mr. Slave
   Jonathan Kimmel - Peter Griffin
   Milan Agnone - Ike Broflovski
   Nico Agnone - Filmore Anderson
   Sebastian Yu - Ike Broflovski
   Vernon Chatman - Towelie
   Toddy Walters - Alanis Morissette
   Bruce Howell - Mr. Wyland
   Jessie Thomas - Girl
   Jessica Makinson - Heidi Turner
   Spencer Lacey Ganus - Ike Broflovski
   Paula Holmberg - Girl
   Toby Morton - Ike Broflovski
   Dimitri Mendoza - Ike Broflovski
   Jessie Jo Thomas -
   Dian Bachar - Chris
   Pam Brady - Amber Hankey
   Eric Stough - Kenny McCormick
   Jesse Howell - Ike Broflovski
   Eldridge El Hud Hudson - Biggie Smalls
   Dee Dee Green - Miss Information
   Dante Alexander - Baby lion cubs
   Kathryn Howell - Miss Stevenson
   Rochelle Leffler - 5th Grader
   Jane Bussmann -
   Michael Ann Young - Sister Hollis
   Stanley G. Sawicki - Larry
   Chris Borkovec - D.P. Official 3
   Zoe Murphy Dion - Flora
   Anne Garefino - Sister Anne
   Jay Leno - Himself
   Kief Davidson - First Graders
   B.J. McCrory - Coyote Brown
   Elisa Gabrielli - Paris Hilton
   Dakota Sky - Young Child
   Misha Ulrich - First Grader
   Tom Vogt - The Frizzie
   Michelle Jones - Commercial Mom
   Anthony SantAnselmo - Squad Member

Review: South Park

South Park is an American animated comedy series created by Matt Stone and Trey Parker back in 1991. The series excels in using parody and black humor, and can be safely considered one of the most successful animated series of all times.

Stan, Kyle, Eric and Kenny are four friends who live all kinds of weird experiences. For connoisseurs, the famous lines: "OMG They Killed Kenny!" and "You Bastards!" are probably the most fun part as about 99% of the episodes include them. For those new to the series, Kenny is the unluckiest character as he dies in almost every episode

Becoming popular due to the controversies aroused, the animated series "South Park" passed the verge of 200 episodes. Even though they've started with paper cuts and evolved to computer graphics, producers Trey Parker and Matt Stone have maintained the same 'recipe' for 13 years now.

What does, Tom Cruise, Mickey Mouse, Saddam Hussein, "Avatar", the Jews, Barbra Streisand, Oprah, Scientologists, racists, Tiger Wood, Canadians and homosexuals have in common? They were all ridiculed in "South Park". In the Episode "It's Christmas in Canada", something amazing happens. Saddam Hussein is portrayed a prisoner, and he was released on December 17, 2003, just three days after his real capture in Iraq.

The producers of the show, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have received criticism from horrified parents ("South Park" is forbidden to minors) as well as activist groups from different fields and religious organizations.


The cruel and 'no holds barred' satire seems to be the secret of longevity in television, at least for "South Park". This program, considered in its beginning the most stupid U.S. TV series, turned into a critically acclaimed franchise. It uses parody and black humor (or toilet humor, as cataloged by parts) to criticize American way of life and not only; it also attacks celebrities and political figures. Watch it!

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