Show about a group of UK high school friends whilst in the final years of high school. We follow them trying to grow up and find love while struggling with adolescence, bad parenting and teachers. The show debuted on E4 and shows an unflinching look at life including topics such as teenage sex, drug taking and mental illness.

Available on networks: MTV, BBC America, E4, NETFLIX, Hulu Plus

Categories: Comedy, Drama
Countries: UK
First Run: 2007-01-26
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1130
Total Visits: 3497
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 5.0 (5.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Alexander Arnold - Rich
   April Pearson - Michelle
   Dakota Blue Richards - Franky
   Dev Patel - Anwar
   Freya Mavor - Mini
   Hannah Murray - Cassie
   Jack O’Connell - James Cook
   Jessica Sula - Grace
   Joseph Dempsie - Chris
   Kathryn Prescott - Emily Fitch
   Kaya Scodelario - Effy Stonem
   Larissa Wilson - Jal
   Laya Lewis - Liv
   Lily Loveless - Naomi Campbell
   Lisa Backwell - Pandora Moon
   Luke Pasqualino - Freddie McLair
   Megan Prescott - Katie Fitch
   Merveille Lukeba - Thomas Tomone
   Mike Bailey - Sid
   Mitch Hewer - Maxxie
   Nicholas Hoult - Tony
   Ollie Barbieri - JJ Jones
   Sam Jackson - Alex
   Sean Teale - Nick
   Sebastian De Souza - Matty
   Will Merrick - Alo

Review: Skins

Skins is a very well constructed TV series centred on the lives of a UK teenagers. The action takes place in Bristol and the group Skins focuses on brings together a popular teenager, a very smart and beautiful young girl with some family issues, an anorexic teenager as well as a party boy and few other characters. Through these characters, the creators of the show try to speak about teenagers today, and the dramas that they are facing. In my opinion, they succeed!

Skins is an original British TV series of undeniable quality. A bunch of anonymous actors give life to a crazy universe where several young adolescents from the UK live their teen lives intensely. This series is basically a show full of negative aspects, like the self destructive life styles that it presents, but at the same time rich in complex characters and compelling stories.

If you are looking for a teen drama and you are bored with the American style of teen series, than Skins is ideal for you. It is unrestricted, blunt; there is a lot of sex, nudity, drugs, unleashed parties, drama, and romance, all in a show brought to life by a cast of characters that together form a united group of lifelong friends: Skins!

You will be fascinated right from the very first episode because of the illustrated realism and the inevitable drama. You'll have the opportunity to watch the lives of a group of teenagers from Britain, without any censorship, fairy tales, princes and princesses.

Besides the young and talented actors, another important aspect of the series is the soundtrack that perfectly fits in the artistic landscape.


Skins is a dramatic, nostalgic, real and painful TV series. It is a series that can't be watched by everyone, mostly because of the language and the uncensored life stories that are exposed without any restraint. Although some might contradict me, I think Skins, in its entirety, is an educative show particularly because it doesn't avoid reality and drives young people to reflect on what they are really doing.

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