Shameless (US)

This is the USA version of Shameless. An alcoholic man lives in a drunken state while his kids who he lives with cope the best they can.

Available on networks: Canal+, Doma TV, FOX, M-Net, Mya, RTE One, Showtime, TNT, TV2, Viasat 3

Categories: Comedy, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-01-10
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1120
Total Visits: 2649
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   William H. Macy - Frank Gallagher
   Emmy Rossum - Fiona Gallagher
   Justin Chatwin - Steve
   Ethan Cutkosky - Carl Gallagher
   Shanola Hampton - Veronica Fisher
   Steve Howey - Kevin Ball
   Emma Kenney - Debbie Gallagher
   Cameron Monaghan - Ian Gallagher
   Jeremy Allen White - Lip Gallagher
   Joan Cusack - Sheila Jackson
   Laura Wiggins - Karen Jackson
   Zach McGowan - Jody Silverman
   Emma Greenwell - Mandy Milkovich
   Michael Patrick McGill - Tommy
   Noel Fisher - Mickey Milkovich
   Stephanie Fantauzzi - Estefania
   Kerry OMalley - Kate
   Tyler Jacob Moore - Tony Markovich
   Joel Murray - Eddie Jackson
   Madison Davenport - Ethel
   Bernardo de Paula - Beto
   Pej Vahdat - Kash
   Dennis Cockrum - Terry Milkovich
   Chloe Webb - Monica Gallagher
   Vanessa Bell Calloway - Carol Fisher
   Harry Hamlin - Lloyd Lishman
   Marguerite Moreau - Linda
   Amy Smart - Jasmine Hollander
   Jim Hoffmaster - Kermit
   Jane Levy - Mandy Milkovich
   David Wells - Father Pete
   Dennis Boutsikaris - Professor Hearst
   Nicky Korba - Little Hank
   Julia Duffy - Candace Lishman
   Eric Edelstein - Bobby Mallison
   Louise Fletcher - Peg Gallagher
   Diora Baird - Meg
   Missy Doty - Jess
   J. Michael Trautmann - Iggy Milkovich
   James Wolk - Adam
   Ed Lauter - Dick Healey
   Jake McDorman - Mike Pratt
   Carlease Burke - Roberta
   Sunkrish Bala - Andy
   Thierre Di Castro - Marco
   Keiko Agena - Brittany Sturgess
   Isidora Goreshter - Svetlana
   Jack Carter - Stan
   Bill Brochtrup - Hal
   Maile Flanagan - Connie

Review: Shameless

Shameless is a remake of the British series with the same name. It’s running since 2004 and shows no signs that it will stop soon. I knew that the people at Showtime will make a U.S. version. They started to film the pilot episode for the US series back in December 2009.

The Gallagher family is a typical American family from Chicago. It has a reputation that others would not want, and this reputation is merely because its members have some unusual methods to live their daily lives and to get out of trouble. Frank Gallagher (Macy) is the head of the family (or he should be), the 'ship captain' as self- declared. His wife and mother of children left home a long time ago because she’d realized that she had other sexual preferences.

Frank is a man about 50 years old, a drunkard without a job but with a disability income that he monthly collects although he has no disability. When he's not unconsciously sleeping on the streets, he's forcibly brought home by the police. Because there are 6 mouths that need to be fed in the house and because the great Gallagher does not assume this responsibility, this task is assured by Fiona (Rossum), the 22 years old daughter. Ian Gallagher finished the school, served in the army, now works at a small grocery store and is gay, but nobody knows this. His moments of happiness take place behind the store, with the owner.

Phillip, the hope of the family, is a boy with a brilliant mind who wants to go to college after finishing high school. Carl, 10 years old, loves to torture animals and classmates. Liam, the youngest in the family is black, and nobody knows why, or actually no one cares. There is also Debbie, the family economist who raises money and come up with ideas designed to save her family from the crisis. With these unusual family members, Fiona doesn't manage to have a peaceful life, until one night she meets Steve (Justin Chatwin) in a club, a handsome young man who declares his crazy love for her, enticing her with sweet words, telling her that he watched her several times, but was too embarrassed start a conversation with her. Fiona finds out that his ‘job’ involves stealing expensive cars and that he also spent some time in prison because of this. After several dates, a crazy romance blossoms between Fiona and Steve. Steve manages to seem charming and nice in Fiona's eyes because he gives her freedom, romance and fun, things that didn't represent him before.


Shameless offers a great twist of comedy and drama, definitely worth watching.

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