Scooby-Doo, Where Are You!

The classic cartoon featuring Scooby Doo and his friends in their van solving a bunch of spooky mysteries.

Available on networks: ABC, Boomerang, CBS, Cartoon Network, ITV1, KidsWB

Categories: Animation, Family, Mystery, Comedy, Adventure
Countries: USA
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Total Visits: 3957
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Don Messick - Scooby Doo
   Casey Kasem - Shaggy
   Nicole Jaffe - Velma
   Frank Welker - Fred
   Stefanianna Christopherson - Daphne
   Heather North - Daphne
   John Stephenson - Additional Voices
   Hal Smith - Additional Voices
   Jean Vander Pyl - Additional Voices
   Vic Perrin - Additional Voices
   Barry Richards - Additional Voices
   George A. Robertson - Additional Voices
   Susan Steward - Additional Voices
   Michael Stull - Additional Voices

Review: Scooby Doo where are you?

One of the best cartoons is Scooby doo. Very few people have not heard about Scooby doo. It has been around for a very long time and even today is still a popular cartoon. Adults and children alike have fallen in love with Scooby doo - where are you. If you have not heard about Scooby Doo you might have been living under a rock.

Even though it started out as a simple cartoon it turned into quite a few direct to DVD movies and even two live action movies based off the characters on Scooby Doo. Scooby doo is about a talking dog and a group of friends who solve mysteries together. Scooby’s best pal Shaggy is there with him every step of the way. They are both known to be the biggest cowards in the group but they always help solve the mystery in their own way.

The other characters on the show are Fred, Velma and Daphne. Each one plays their own part in the show to make it a classic hit. Fred is the leader who is usually but not always the smartest of the bunch. Velma is the smart one who usually solves the mystery before everyone else does but saves her ideas until the very end. Daphne is the one who usually brings the monsters out in the open but always gets herself in trouble because she is danger prone. Her nickname on the show is "Danger prone Daphne".

In comparison to many of the cartoons on TV today, Scooby Doo is a great cartoon. It is just simple, clean and fun humor for the whole family.


If you are looking for a great quality cartoon to show your kids then Scooby Doo is it. I know I have always liked Scooby Doo and so does my whole family.

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