Person of Interest

An officially dead former-CIA agent teams up with a mysterious billionaire to help in the fight against crimeheir own brand of vigilante justice.

Available on networks: CBS, CHASE, Canal+, Channel 5, Channel CGV, CITYTV, ICTV, La Sexta, Nine Network, Nova Cinema, Pop TV, Premium Crime, RTL Crime, Star World India, TV One, Veronica, Viasat 3, Warner Bros, Yes

Categories: Drama, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-09-23
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 953
Total Visits: 4595
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Jim Caviezel - John Reese
   Taraji P. Henson - Detective Joss Carter
   Kevin Chapman - Detective Lionel Fusco
   Michael Emerson - Harold Finch
   Elizabeth Marvel - Alicia Corwin
   Susan Misner - Jessica Arndt
   Enrico Colantoni - Carl Elias
   Robert John Burke - Simmons
   Michael Kelly - Mark Snow
   Brennan Brown - Special Agent Donnelly
   Al Sapienza - Detective Terney
   Anthony Mangano - Detective Kane
   David Valcin - Scarface
   Paige Turco - Zoe Morgan
   Brett Cullen - Nathan Ingram
   Mark Margolis - Gianni Moretti
   Michael Mulheren - Captain Lynch
   John Fiore - Captain Womack
   Annie Parisse - Cara Stanton
   Darien Sills-Evans - Tyrell Evans
   Carol Commissiong - NYPD Officer
   Michael Stahl-David - Will Ingram
   Michael McGlone - Detective Bill Szymanski
   Jonno Roberts - Peter Arndt
   Allan Louis - Detective Olson
   Mike Houston - Officer Fordes
   Sean McCarthy - Lee Fusco
   Kwoade Cross - Taylor
   Gregory Lay - Officer Valentino
   Christopher Jon Gombos - Brad
   Takako Haywood - Detective
   Alex Kruz - EMT
   Paul Jude Letersky - Court Reporter
   Alex Ziwak - Prisoner
   Ken Leung - Leon Sung

Review: Person of Interest - You Are Being Watched!


Jim Caviezel, better known for playing the role of Jesus in Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Crist, is the central figure in CBS's TV series Person of Interest. Already on its second series, viewers and critics very well receive Person of Interest, and we can assume more seasons will follow. Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams are the writers behind Person of Interest, and as you would expect they do a very good job on developing this TV series.

John Reese, brilliantly performed by Jim Caviezel, is a former CIA agent that the agency thinks to be dead. He lives the life of a homeless person in New York after an incident we learn little about but which left him scarred and unwilling to seek help or even the company of people. Harold Finch, a very rich computer genius that has developed a very special surveillance program, contact John Reese and gives him a reason to live. Finch approaches Reese because he considers him well trained and capable of helping with various situations that require the help of an experienced CIA filed agent and a former Green Beret.

Finch's surveillance program is able to combine the information gathered from many sources, including all surveillance cameras and even laptop webcams, in order to predict terrorist attacks. The government is very keen to have the program assist them in preventing future terrorist attacks but has no interest in the rest of the crimes the program seems to be able to predict. This is where Finch considers John Reese could be of help and convinces him to join him in addressing the cases considered irrelevant by the government.


Action packed Person of Interest manages to keep viewers entertained each and every episode. Furthermore, the plot twists are sure to keep viewers wondering what course of action will Finch and Reese follow. Person of Interest is surely one of the most fun to watch TV series to be produced in the late years.

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