Once Upon a Time (2011)

Your never too old for fairy tales and Once upon a Time merges fairytales with the modern-day world.

Available on networks: ABC, AXN, Antena 3, CTV, DiziMax, FOXlife, FOX, Magyar Televizio, Net5, RTL Passion, 7 Network, Showtime, Skjar Einn, Sony, Star Channel, Star World, TV Norge, NETFLIX

Categories: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-10-23
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 1809
Total Visits: 7272
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Ginnifer Goodwin - Mary Margaret Blanchard
   Josh Dallas - David Nolan
   Jennifer Morrison - Emma Swan
   Jared Gilmore - Henry Mills
   Lana Parrilla - Regina Mills
   Robert Carlyle - Mr. Gold
   Meghan Ory - Ruby
   Raphael Sbarge - Archie Hopper
   Emilie de Ravin - Belle
   Colin ODonoghue - Hook
   Lee Arenberg - Grumpy
   Beverley Elliott - Granny
   David-Paul Grove - Doc
   Faustino Di Bauda - Sleepy
   Mig Macario - Bashful
   Mike Coleman - Happy
   Eion Bailey - August W. Booth
   Keegan Connor Tracy - Blue Fairy
   Jeffrey Kaiser - Dopey
   Gabe Khouth - Sneezy
   Barbara Hershey - Cora
   David Anders - Dr. Whale
   Jamie Dornan - Sheriff Graham
   Giancarlo Esposito - Sidney Glass
   Alan Dale - King George
   Sarah Bolger - Princess Aurora
   Jamie Chung - Mulan
   Anastasia Griffith - Kathryn Nolan
   Tony Perez - Henry
   Sebastian Stan - Jefferson
   Jarod Joseph - Billy
   Tony Amendola - Marco
   Michael Raymond-James - Mysterious Man
   Ethan Embry - Greg Mendell
   Bailee Madison - Young Snow White
   C. Ernst Harth - Abraham
   Ingrid Torrance - Severe Nurse
   Julian Morris - Prince Phillip
   Tim Phillipps - Sean Herman
   Chris Gauthier - William Smee
   Jessy Schram - Ashley Boyd
   Kristin Bauer van Straten - Maleficent
   Eric Keenleyside - Moe French
   Gabrielle Rose - Ruth
   Jorge Garcia - Anton - The Giant
   Geoff Gustafson - Stealthy
   Dylan Schmid - Baelfire
   Patti Allan - Blind Witch
   Richard Schiff - King Leopold
   Alissa Skovbye - Grace

Review: Once Upon A Time

ABC's Once Upon A Time is an ambitious and crazy series that presents a bold image of a world in which fairy tales and real life merge. Its key ingredients are drama, action, magic, surprise, imagination, adrenaline, and the classic Good vs. Evil motif.

The action in Once Upon A Time takes place in Storybrooke, a quaint town in Maine, New England, a place where magic has been forgotten, and fairy-tale characters live, even if they do not remember who they were in another life. It all begins when Emma Swan, a 28 years old girl with a problematic past, arrives in the small town. She deals with raising bail bond, and we learn that her life was not a fairytale one. She was abandoned by her parents at birth, had to live on her own as a small child, and always knew how to care for herself. Her destiny is about to change when she meets Henry, her child who she abandoned 10 years ago.

Henry is in desperate need of Emma's help, convinced that she actually comes from an alternate world and that she is the missing daughter of Snow White and her Prince. Things get even stranger because he notifies her that Storybrooke was cursed by the Queen, and the whole world of fairy tales was captured forever, frozen in time, and people were brought into the real modern world without being able to remember whom they are.

Of course, Emma does not believe a word the boy tells her, but it does not take long until she discovers that nothing is what it seems in Storybrooke. Emma becomes more worried and suspicious when Henry introduces her to the Queen, his adoptive mother, which he believes would be the evil Enchantress, and to Mary Margaret Blanchard, his teacher, whom he thinks to be Snow White.


"Once Upon A Time" has a lot of potential and interesting characters. Our curiosity is aroused enough to want to see the next episode wondering what is the next fairy tale that would make its appearance on the screen.

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