Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is a comedy about an ER nurse, Jackie Peyton. Jackie deals with the stress of her job and the failing heath care, juggled with her family and private life in her own funny way. She also has to resolve tension between other staff, unless the tension is about her!

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Categories: Comedy, Drama
Countries: USA
First Run: 2009-06-09
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 685
Total Visits: 3354
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Anna Deavere Smith - Mrs. Gloria Akalitus
   Bobby Cannavale - Dr. Mike Cruz
   Dominic Fumusa - Kevin Peyton
   Edie Falco - Jackie Peyton
   Eve Best - Dr. Eleanor 'Ellie' O'Hara
   Haaz Sleiman - Mohammed "Mo-mo" de la Cruz (Season 1)
   Mackenzie Aladjem - Fiona Peyton (Season 2)
   Merritt Wever - Zoey Barkow
   Paul Schulze - Eddie Walzer
   Peter Facinelli - Dr. Fitch 'Coop' Cooper
   Ruby Jerins - Grace Peyton

Review: Nurse Jackie

Nurse Jackie is a very entertaining series and has a star in its cast, namely Edie Falco we know from Sopranos. Jackie is a nurse with a lot of problems. She is an intelligent and stubborn emergency nurse, working in complicated and frenzied environment of a hospital in New York. Jackie maintains the balance in the hospital by her way of communicating with patients and by being faithful to her own medical ethics. Like most characters in American medical series, she is politically incorrect in trying to work her way around the American health care system and its bureaucracy as much as possible.
Her tireless dedication to the medical profession and family conflicts with the difficult decisions she has to take by the hour. Jackie has a drug addiction and leads a double life. At the hospital, she is the pharmacist's mistress so that she can procure drugs, and outside of that relationship she is married to a man who loves her very much and together they have two girls. She has a good heart but sniffs powders of various drugs a little too often in order to keep fit. We are dealing with an unusually nonconformist medical nurse in a series worth watching.
Jackie has an intriguing relationship with Dr. O'Hara, a smart and skinny British woman, with a great passion for money, brand items and trendy places. Heaven for her is a quite expensive restaurant, where she routinely takes lunch. Her clothes are 'recycled' often, considering that for O'Hara there is no cleaning.
Mohammed De La Cruz is a coworker of our heroine. He has the same professionalism, the same way of looking at things, but he doesn't know any of her secrets. He's an uninhibited homosexual and unable to stay alone. The other doctor is Cooper or Coop for those who know him. He's a well-prepared doctor, just out of the university, highly confident but with little experience. He has some kind of Tourette syndrome that makes him talk about female sexual parts when under stress. Other main characters are nurses Zoey and Gloria Akalitus.

Nurse Jackie is a pretty harsh series, so don't expect something like Grey’s Anatomy. This series looks more real, has a lot of dark humor, fairly well built characters that come with many unanswered questions, and clever dialogues. It seems that this is the recipe for a successful series and I recommend watching it.

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