TV Shows that are available on Viasat-3
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Info for Two and a Half Men
A happy jingle writer called Charlie Harper has it all, he is a bachelor living in a house by the be...
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Info for The Simpsons
The Simpson animated show comprise a family that are a parody middle class America. The family consi...
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Info for Americas Next Top Model
Women from all over the USA try to be Americas Next Top Model....
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Info for CSI Miami
A CSI (crime scene investigation) unit in Miami, Florida make use of their forensic investigators an...
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Info for Dexter
Blood covered analyst turned serial killer Dexter Morgan has finally accepted who he is....
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Info for Brothers & Sisters
A drama show following five adult siblings of the Walker family through life in California with thei...
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Info for Survivor
Reality show set on a remote location and featuring a group of contestants who must survive. The win...
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Info for Firefly
Five hundred years in the future While travelling to unexplored areas of the galaxy a crew on board ...
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Info for Andromeda
Captain Hunt is the captain of the Starship Andromeda the ship & its crew set off to rebuild there S...
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Info for Spartacus Blood and Sand
Historys greatest gladiator begins to unfold in this series graphic scenes of violence. This is the ...
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Info for Futurama
Futurama is about a pizza boy called Fry who wakes up new years eve 2999 after falling backwards and...
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Info for Law & Order SVU
SVU edition of Law & Order introduces the Special Victims Unit, who's elite squad of NYPD detectives...
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Info for 30 Rock
Writer of sketch show,"TGS with Tracy Jordan" is Liz Lemon,who has to deal with her arrogant boss an...
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Info for Shameless USA
This is the USA version of Shameless. An alcoholic man lives in a drunken state while his kids who h...
Goto Shameless USA Website

Info for Columbo
Scruffy but methodical detective Columbo is a classic detective show where the detective is not take...
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Info for Person of Interest
An officially dead former-CIA agent teams up with a mysterious billionaire to help in the fight agai...
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Info for H2O Just Add Water
In an old cave three young girls transform into mermaids....
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Info for Dirt
A newspaper editor tries to make it in the world of celebrity journalism....
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Info for Pushing Daisies
Ned the pie maker solves murder mysteries by raising the dead and helping them to name their killers...
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Info for Gary Unmarried
Divorced after being marred for 15 years, Gary Brooks, tries to balance work, his two children, ex-w...
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Info for Mike & Molly
Comedy show starring Billy Gardell and Melissa McCarthy as a pair of 'large' Chicago residents who m...
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Info for King of Queens
Doug Heffernan, a delivery worker has a great life and Hes got a lovely wife called Carrie. He also ...
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Info for The King of Queens
Doug Heffernan and his wife Carrie's life is turned upside down when Carrie's annoying dad Arthur mo...
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Info for Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place
Three share an apartment in boston where they work at the same pizza place....
Goto Two Guys a Girl and a Pizza Place Website
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