TV Shows that are available on NBC
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Info for Free Agents
When a couple of co-workers share a night of passion they are forced to cope with the embarrasing an...
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Info for The Playboy Club
When new Bunny girl Maureen accidentally kills a powerful mafia boss, the only person able to cover ...
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Info for Adam 12
Show about two regular LA police officers Pete Malloy and Jim Reed, as they head out into Southern C...
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Info for Americas Got Talent
Looking for the biggest talent in the US, showcasing a variety of performers that include comedians,...
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Info for Battlestar Galactica [Original Series]
Human refugees are on the run from the evil Cylon tyranny. The lat spacecraft, the Battlestar, Galac...
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Info for Awake
After suffering in a car crash, detective Michael Britten is in two parallel worlds. Which one is re...
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Info for Ironside (2013)
Tough NYPD cop Detective Robert Ironside (played by Blair Underwood)had his spine shattered by a bul...
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Info for Revolution
A dictatorial militia is what a band of revolutionaries must beat after a shutdown of electronic equ...
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Info for Mad About You
TV comedy that focuses around Paul and Jaime Buchman, a married couple in New York....
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Info for Community
Comedy show featuring a group of misfits attending Greendale Community College who are joined by a s...
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Info for Marco Polo
Marco Polo is about the experiences of a 13th century explorer, who attempts to connect the continen...
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Info for Bionic Woman
This is a remake of the 1970s TV series, a female athlete is given bionic strength....
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Info for ER
We follow the doctors and nurses of Countys ER as they deal with the daily challenges of a busy urba...
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Info for Dracula
This Dracula show sees the undead dude played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He plays the count as an Amer...
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Info for The Office
A mock-documentary about a bunch of office workers. Follow their hilarious and sometimes sad lives i...
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Info for Law & Order SVU
SVU edition of Law & Order introduces the Special Victims Unit, who's elite squad of NYPD detectives...
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Info for 30 Rock
Writer of sketch show,"TGS with Tracy Jordan" is Liz Lemon,who has to deal with her arrogant boss an...
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Info for Crusoe
Based on the 1719 novel, its an action-packed drama set in the 17th century....
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Info for Columbo
Scruffy but methodical detective Columbo is a classic detective show where the detective is not take...
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Info for The West Wing
The West Wing provides an insight into daily ongoings in presidential politics at the capital as the...
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Info for Journeyman
A time traveller help people in trouble by going back in time....
Goto Journeyman Website

Info for Saturday Night Live
Classic sketch show that's live from New York every Saturday Night....
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Info for Knight Rider [Original Series]
Follow Michael Knight and his supercar KITT that has a mind of it's own and helps solve crime....
Goto Knight Rider [Original Series] Website

Info for Chuck
Computer nerd and geek, Chuck Bartowski accidentally downloads government secrets to his brain....
Goto Chuck Website
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