Marco Polo (1982)

Marco Polo is about the experiences of a 13th century explorer, who attempts to connect the continents of China and Europe through trade.

Available on networks: France 2, NBC, RTVE, TBS, Starz

Categories: Adventure, Biography, Drama, History, War
Countries: USA
First Run: 1982-05-16
Runtime: 140 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 1146
Total Visits: 3652
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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Ken Marshall - Marco Polo
   Denholm Elliott - NiccolČ Polo
   Tony Vogel - Matteo Polo
   David Warner - Rustichello
   F. Murray Abraham - Jacopo
   Mario Adorf - Giovanni
   Patrick Mower - Brother Damian
   Ruocheng Ying - Kublai Khan
   Beulah Quo - Empress Chabi
   Junichi Ishida - Prince Chinkin
   James Hong - Phags-pa
   Gordon Mitchell - Arnolfo
   Leonard Nimoy - Achmet
   Bruno Zanin - Giulio
   Lin Lao - Bayan
   Ian McShane - Ali Ben Yussouf
   Sada Thompson - Aunt Flora
   Tony Lo Bianco - Brother Nicholas
   Soon-Tek Oh - Wang Zhu
   Zaibao Yang - Yang Ku
   Shaokang Yu - Caidu Khan
   Riccardo Cucciolla - Uncle Zane
   Erkang Zhao - Nayan
   Hesen En - Bektor Khan
   Hal Buckley - Brother William
   Georgia Slowe - Caterina
   Kathryn Dowling - Monica
   Agnes Chan - Mai Li
   TetsurŽ Tanba - Saiamon
   Bruno Corazzari - Agostino
   Gino Santercole - Giuseppe
   Zhengyin Cao - Governor
   Terry Raven - Talib
   Xiaolei Huang - Chen Pao
   Renato Miracco - Bartolomeo
   Vernon Dobtcheff - Pietro dAbano
   John Dicks - Brother Philip
   Nanni Massa - Messer Paolo
   Sun Shulin - Argan
   Salvatore Puntillo - Messer Andrea
   Renhua Na - Princess Kokachin
   Giulio Gaslini - Messer Lorenzo
   Maria Pia Colonnello - Caterinas Nurse-Maid
   Ma Qiang - Yeli Shue
   Jim Lau -
   Tiffany Brissette -
   Tad Horino - The Immortal
   Ed Meyer - Ambassador
   Jack Ong - Multiple Voices
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