Law & Order LA

Welcome to LA. In Los Angeles they say you can get away with murder, if you have the right attorney.

Available on networks: 2BE, CTV, NBC, RTL, Viasat 3

Categories: Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Countries: USA
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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Corey Stoll - Detective Tomas TJ Jaruszalski
   Rachel Ticotin - Lieutenant Arleen Gonzalez
   Alfred Molina - Deputy D.A. Ricardo Morales
   Terrence Howard - Deputy D.A. Jonah Dekker
   Skeet Ulrich - Detective Rex Winters
   Steven Zirnkilton - Narrator
   Tamlyn Tomita - Miwako Nishizawa
   Alana De La Garza - Deputy D.A. Connie Rubirosa
   Peter Coyote - D.A. Jerry Hardin
   Regina Hall - Deputy D.A. Evelyn Price
   Megan Boone - Deputy D.A. Lauren Stanton
   Rachel Paquin - Asst. District Attorney
   Teri Polo - Casey Winters
   Jodi Long - Judge Sonya Cruz
   Francesca P. Roberts - Judge Martha Dreyer
   Tina Huang - Tech Stacey Maris
   Currie Graham - Max Hearn
   Conor OFarrell - Lane Garfield
   Andy Umberger - Chief Thompson
   Elaine Kagan - Judge Sonia Hirsh
   Clyde Kusatsu - Judge Bradley Rumford
   Angela Bullock - Judge Ellen Fabricant
   Kathleen Bade - Reporter 1
   Roberto Sanz Sanchez - Deputy Warden Fisher
   Elizabeth Payne - Judge Nancy Morrow
   Al Pugliese - Detective Kavanaugh
   Erika Ringor - Officer Venuti
   Tony Pasqualini - Judge Rudolph Patino
   Genevieve Wong - Reporter
   Gerald Webb - Uniformed Sergeant
   Joe Gerety - Security Guard
   Chic Daniel - LA County Jail Deputy
   Sapphire - Bank Customer
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