Last Man Standing

The world is run by women, but a married father of three is on a mission to get manliness back into society.

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Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-10-11
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
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Total Visits: 3681
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Tim Allen - Mike Baxter
   Nancy Travis - Vanessa Baxter
   Molly Ephraim - Mandy Baxter
   Kaitlyn Dever - Eve Baxter
   Christoph Sanders - Kyle Anderson
   Hector Elizondo - Ed Alzate
   Alexandra Krosney - Kristin Baxter
   Amanda Fuller - Kristin Baxter
   Flynn Morrison - Boyd Baxter
   Jordan Masterson - Ryan
   Luke Andrew Kruntchev - Boyd
   Evan George Kruntchev - Boyd
   Jonathan Adams - Chuck
   Carla Jimenez - Blanca
   Sarah Gilman - Cammy
   Trevor Hammonds - Bullpen Employee
   Shaun Rylee - Mourning Coworker
   Erika Alexander - Carol
   Robin Riker - Wanda
   Richard Karn - Bill McKendree
   Bo Barrett - Young Guy
   Hope Lauren - Chloe
   Kurt Scholler - Large Man
   Maile Flanagan - Dr. Kathy Pullman
   Samantha Jordan - Emily
   Joseph Whipp - Ron
   Robin Dill - Commander Steven
   Kevin Kirkpatrick - Calvin Lentz
   Brandon Killham - Dylan
   Amy Tolsky - Mrs. Flagg
   Sal Lopez - J.J.
   Jackie Seiden - Alyssa Warren
   Katy Sullivan - Jean
   Stephen Grove Malloy - Mr. Hubert
   Evie Thompson - Marjorie
   Eleanor Wells - Edie
   Joel David Moore - Happy Happy Rainbow Play Care Center Employee
   Danielle Bisutti - Michelle
   Kenneth Choi - Dr. Wong
   Robert Forster - Bud Baxter
   Greg Pitts - Pete
   Bryce Durfee - Greg Archer
   Dennis Hadley - Announcer
   Ann Hu - Mrs. Wong
   Cody Jones - Thunderheart
   Kathy Grable - Waitress

Review: Last Man Standing

Mike Baxter (portrayed by Tim Allen) is literally the last man standing at least in his own family. In addition to his wife, Vanessa, Mike has three daughters, so he is a minority among so many women. The youngest of his daughters, Eve, is the tomboy that plays football and understands her father better than the other girls. Mandy is a spoiled teenager who hangs out at the mall all day. Kristin is a down to earth girl that manages to get pregnant after high school and now raises her two years old Boyd in her parents' home while working as a waitress.

Last Man Standing seems to be a universe dominated by female characters. Only Mike's boss, Ed, the owner a sports store adds to the number of masculine characters in the show. Mike travels a lot to different parts of the world for photo shoots to add to the store’s catalog. There is also Kyle, the new guy at the store, a goofy character which by the end of the first episode will start dating Kristin.

Last Man Standing is a somewhat misogynistic, xenophobic, homophobic, racist, and everything else you might think offensive. The jokes are not all perfect, and it is mainly Allen's character that comes up with them. Because it has a bit of a misogynistic approach, female characters in the series are rather weak and stereotypical. The wife accepts Mike despite his obvious flaws; the girls are not all well developed as their father sets a disappointing example. We have the single mom, the boyish girl, and the spoiled rather hysterical one. Mike feels that the work place is actually his sanctuary away from all the annoying women at home. It is funny how in the end his advice actually helps the girls overcome their problems.

Last Man Standing is offensive at times, and the jokes are not all that funny. However, it is still a fun series that deals with family matters and especially with raising daughters.

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