Land of the Giants

Classic Sci-Fi from the 60's. Land of the Giants tells of the crew of a long distance flight that encounters a space storm, they crash land on earth, But something is very different. It is not the same earth that the ship left,It is an Earth full of giants where everything is 12 times bigger than back on 'normal' earth. The show comprises 51 episodes overt 2 seasons and was the fourth of Irwin Allen's science fiction TV series

Available on networks: FOX

Categories: Sci-Fi, Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Countries: USA
First Run: 1968-09-02
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 579
Total Visits: 2144
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Deanna Lund -
   Don Marshall -
   Don Matheson -
   Gary Conway -
   Heather Young -
   Kurt Kasznar -
   Stefan Arngrim -
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