Knight Rider (Original Series)

Follow Michael Knight and his supercar KITT that has a mind of it's own and helps solve crime.

Available on networks: Bravo TV, Cool TV, NBC, RTL, TROS, TV Asahi, V8, G4TV, NETFLIX

Categories: Action, Crime, Sci-Fi
Countries: USA
First Run: 1982-09-26
Runtime: 45 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 961
Total Visits: 3712
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   David Hasselhoff - Michael Knight
   Edward Mulhare - Devon Miles
   William Daniels - K.I.T.T.
   Richard Basehart - Narrator - Opening Titles
   Patricia McPherson - Bonnie Barstow
   Rebecca Holden - April Curtis
   Peter Parros - RC3 Reginald Cornelius III
   Harold Hal Frizzell - Cab Driver
   Jack Gill - Dugan
   Ann Turkel - Adrianne Margeaux
   Catherine Hickland - Stephanie Stevie March
   Jack Starrett - Hagen
   Alex Kubik - Luger
   Bruce Neckels - Federal Agent
   Michael Masters - Cabby
   Deborah Ludwig Davis - Singer
   Ramon Bieri - Acid John Byrock
   Anne Lockhart - Jennifer Shell
   Judy Landers - Micki Bradburn
   John Considine - Boyd LaSalle
   James T. Callahan - Jeff Barnes
   Alan Oppenheimer - General Duncton
   Joe La Due - Hannigan
   Lance LeGault - Christopher Stone
   John Crawford - Mac Thomas
   Don Galloway - Gilbert Cole
   Guy Stockwell - Riggins
   Mary Beth Evans - Cindy Mattheson
   Don Gordon - Police Lt. Dickerson
   Jason Evers - Edward Grant
   Allen Williams - Jack
   Robin Dearden - Liberty Cox
   George Murdock - Archibald
   Sam Vlahos - Alfredo Diaz
   Lenore Kasdorf - Karen Bennett
   John Vernon - Cameron Zachary
   Norman Burton - Barnswell
   Angel Tompkins - Connie Chasen
   Robert OReilly - Jake Simpson
   Peter Mark Richman - Dr. Klaus Bergstrom
   Grainger Hines - Officer Rex Saunders
   Logan Ramsey - Edgar
   Pamela Susan Shoop - Maggie
   Nicholas Worth - Hower
   Victoria Bass - Christine Brooks
   Tim Rossovich - Bloodworth
   Kai Wulff - Helmut Gras
   Kathy Shower - Claudia Torrell
   M.C. Gainey - Jason Keller
   Ken Foree - Danton
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