The King of Queens

Doug Heffernan, a delivery worker has a great life and Hes got a lovely wife called Carrie. He also has a big screen TV and plenty friends.

Available on networks: CBS, Kabel 1, Nova TV, RTL, RTL2, Sony, TV6, Viasat 3

Categories: Comedy, Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 1998-09-21
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 886
Total Visits: 2260
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Kevin James - Doug Heffernan
   Leah Remini - Carrie Heffernan
   Jerry Stiller - Arthur Spooner
   Victor Williams - Deacon Palmer
   Patton Oswalt - Spence Olchin
   Gary Valentine - Danny Heffernan
   Nicole Sullivan - Holly Shumpert
   Merrin Dungey - Kelly Palmer
   Larry Romano - Richie Iannucci
   Lou Ferrigno - Himself
   Mookie Barker - Phil
   Sam McMurray - Supervisor Patrick OBoyle
   Jenny OHara - Janet Heffernan
   Dakin Matthews - Joe Heffernan
   Alex Skuby - Doug Pruzan Esq.
   Nikki Tyler-Flynn - Lisa
   Victor Raider-Wexler - Kaplan
   Gerry Black - George Barksdale
   Jimmy Shubert - Jimmy
   Anne Meara - Veronica
   Richie Minervini - Bald Man
   Bobby DiVito - Eddie
   Ford Rainey - Mickey
   Christine Gonzales - Amy
   Pamela Kosh - Flora
   Nick Bakay - Gus
   Amy Stiller - Gloria
   Tyler Hendrickson - Young Doug
   Peggy Lane - Cashier
   Marshaun Daniel - Kirby Palmer
   Rachel Dratch - Denise
   Angelo Pagan - Rico
   Jason Packham - Brad
   Melissa Chan - Kim
   Ricki Lake - Stephanie Heffernan
   Norma Michaels - Josephine
   Jackie Flynn - Band leader
   Michael Blieden - John
   Joe Flaherty - Father McAndrew
   Michael R. Robinson - Cart Guy
   Lisa Rieffel - Sara Spooner
   Carla Ferrigno - Herself
   Shannon Farrara - Desiree
   Ray Romano - Ray Barone
   Bryan Cranston - Tim
   Dee Dee Rescher - Dorothy
   Steffiana De La Cruz - Masseuse 1
   Omari Lyles - Kirby
   Desmond Roberts - Major
   Tim Bagley - Glenn

Review: King of Queens

King of Queens is a true comedy show, with many funny scenes, a realistic scenario and characters that you can identify with. The relationship of the two main characters is quite amusing, with all the good and the bad parts; I'm sure lots of couples will identify with them.
You may surprise yourself thinking or saying out lout 'hey, this is exactly how I do it too' or 'they seem to take care of things just like me'. This may be the reason why so many people love this show so much. And to a certain extent, I think it has a therapeutic effect because we see the problems of a couple presented with a lot of humor, and so we realize that certain things are just not worth arguing about or that what bothers you is not necessarily an imperfection of the partner, but may be just a fad of yours.
The couple is stable and quite normal, though above average intelligence. Both are smart, and they indeed love each other. He tries so hard to please her, but they have many differences. Itís fascinating how the director pulls meaningful stuff out of ordinary situations. She has a better job than him and a really crazy father, Arthur, who lives with them. He sleeps in the basement which is pretty well equipped though.

The story-boarding is adequate but not spectacular, and the directing is good. Overall, this is a comfortable and exciting TV series. I strongly recommend you to watch this show, especially in two if possible. It'll be absolute fun.

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