Raylan Givens a US Martial is bought back from retirement from Miami to work in Eastern Kentucky.

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Categories: Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2010-03-17
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
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Total Visits: 4652
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Timothy Olyphant - Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens
   Nick Searcy - Chief Deputy Art Mullen
   Joelle Carter - Ava Crowder
   Jacob Pitts - Deputy U.S. Marshal Tim Gutterson
   Erica Tazel - Deputy U.S. Marshal Rachel Brooks
   Natalie Zea - Winona Hawkins
   Walton Goggins - Boyd Crowder
   David Meunier - Johnny Crowder
   Jeremy Davies - Dickie Bennett
   Raymond J. Barry - Arlo Givens
   Jere Burns - Wynn Duffy
   William Ragsdale - Gary Hawkins
   Mykelti Williamson - Ellstin Limehouse
   Demetrius Grosse - Errol
   Neal McDonough - Robert Quarles
   Kaitlyn Dever - Loretta McCready
   Peter Murnik - Trooper Tom Bergen
   Joseph Lyle Taylor - Doyle Bennett
   Margo Martindale - Mags Bennett
   Linda Gehringer - Helen Givens
   Damon Herriman - Dewey Crowe
   Jonathan Kowalsky - Mike
   Kevin Rankin - Devil
   Brad William Henke - Coover Bennett
   Cleavon McClendon - Bernard
   Abby Miller - Ellen May
   David Andrews - Sheriff Tillman Napier
   Rick Gomez - Assistant U.S. Attorney David Vasquez
   William Gregory Lee - Deputy Nick Mooney
   M.C. Gainey - Bo Crowder
   Brendan McCarthy - Tanner Dodd
   Jim Beaver - Shelby Parlow
   David Hill - US Marshal
   Stephen Root - Judge Mike Reardon
   Jesse Luken - Jimmy
   Richard Speight Jr. - Jed Berwind
   Todd Stashwick - Ash Murphy
   Jenn Lyon - Lindsey Salazar
   Ezra Buzzington - Harvey Jones
   Alexandra Barreto - Pilar
   Matt Craven - Chief Deputy U.S. Marshal Dan Grant
   Clayne Crawford - Lance
   Steven Flynn - Emmitt Arnett
   Brent Sexton - Sheriff Hunter Mosley
   Rebecca Creskoff - Carol Johnson
   Ray Porter - Hestler
   Mickey Jones - Rodney Hot Rod Dunham
   Michael Mosley - Kyle Easterly
   Randolph Adams - Doc Stern
   John Lee Ames - Boyds Man 1

Review: Justified

Givens Raylene is a Kentucky sheriff that seems to be from another era. Raylan is extremely quiet, very polite, and also remarkably tough. He tackles the underworld in a very direct and brutal way. In order to calm his temper, his superiors force him to return to his native town and be a sheriff there, forgetting that Raylan has a turbulent past and a trauma due to his fatherís criminal activities.
Raylan Givens is not as I imagined he would be after watching the trailer. He's not the sheriff stereotype who breaks everything and solves every crime. He doesn't always win, and he is not always appreciated at his true worth. Though he is confident and tough, he is always unusually calm, or at least he appears to be so. Raylan often finds himself in awkward situations because of his strong and solid principles, to which he complies to with no exceptions and which sometimes turn him into a victim. His brutality and cold blood have well-defined limits, and that can sometimes be weakness, especially when he confronts with characters that don't censor their actions according to any morals or ethics.
The dialogues in this series are not just a filling to complement the action scenes; the humor is subtle, with no cheap and stereotypical mockery, and the suspense and action are well gradated. Furthermore, I must confess my sympathy for Timothy Olyphant, who has a truly specific acting style and does a brilliant interpretation. The character can be described as a mixture of sarcasm, black humor, sensitivity and intelligence, and the tone of his voice and his looks make Raylan even more attractive. He's not the only character I like in this show. Bad-boy Boyd, as well as Raylanís boss, both do a fine job too, as do the two women that aspire for the feelings of the federal sheriff.

In conclusion, I find this series to have a distinctive flavor to it and to be well worth more attention. Cop series and action fans will not be disappointed, but there something in it for other audiences as well.

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