After a Hurricane, Florida's park ranger and family begin to find glowing creatures in the water along with other stange things.

Available on networks: ABC, AXN, Channel 4, Kanal 2, RTL Klub, SyFy, Veronica

Categories: Drama, Horror, Mystery, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2005-09-22
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 4888
Total Visits: 10199
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   William Fichtner - Sheriff Tom Underlay
   Eddie Cibrian - Russell Varon
   Kari Matchett - Dr. Mariel Underlay
   Lisa Sheridan - Larkin Groves
   Tyler Labine - Dave Groves
   Alexis Dziena - Kira Underlay
   Evan Peters - Jesse Varon
   Ariel Gade - Rose Varon
   Aisha Hinds - Mona Gomez
   Nathan Baesel - Deputy Lewis Sirk
   Ivar Brogger - Father Jeffrey Scanlon
   Michael Mitchell - Derek Culie
   James Frain - Eli Szura
   Joshua Gomez - Scott
   Kimleigh Smith - Nurse Kim
   Holmes Osborne - Mayor Littles
   Veronica Cartwright - Valerie Shenkman
   James Carraway - Roger Weeks
   Elisabeth Moss - Christina
   Mark Colson - Deputy Munger
   Rocky Carroll - Healy
   Ewan Chung - Dr. Francis Cao
   Jake Richardson - Gage
   Brennan Feonix - Guardsman 3
   Edwin Hodge - Brett
   JoJo Ryder - Mauel
   Tammy Trull - Alma Treadwell
   Reggie Jordan - Reporter 1
   Becca Battoe - Girl in Crowd
   Scott Klace - Stevie
   Melody Butiu - Nurse Karlen
   Joshua Harto - Greg Olgalvy
   Stephen W. Alvarez - Paul Hambrick
   Owen Beckman - Scott
   Tina Holmes - Ms. Wade
   Julio Oscar Mechoso - Frank Vargas
   Anne Dudek - Katie Paxton
   Cirroc Lofton - Reed
   Nick Cokas - David Paxton
   Ryan Honey - Navigator
   Gwen Mihok - Weather Officer
   Robert Standley - Pilot
   Jennifer Wilkerson - Nurse Jennifer
   Ron Butler - Asst. Coroner Arvin Morton
   Jim Cantafio - FPL Manager
   Armin Shimerman - Josh Breims
   Meera Simhan - Pria
   Barry Wiggins - General Turner
   Tony Alameda - Hybrid Fisherman
   Pia Artesona - Deputy Sanchez

Review: Invasion

For centuries, people have looked to the limitless sky hoping to find signs of intelligent life. But what if they already exist and they are here on Earth. What If some natural disasters that mankind witnessed were only attempts of concealing Alien life on Earth. These are mainly the questions that make Invasion's plot and Sci Fi fans might notice some resemblance to Invasion of the Body Snatcher as the main idea of skies pouring alien life forms is pretty much similar. However, Invasion does a better job at least when it comes to special effects.

When a hurricane strikes Florida, a small town in the Everglades is isolated from civilization. Sheriff Russell Poole struggles to maintain order in the city and to take care of his family and town residents. Alien life forms get in the Everglades water reserve during a massive storm followed by a mysterious orange rain and shooting stars. Immediately after arriving on Earth the aliens start attacking humans but only by gradually taking over those that drink the water. The aliens replace humans without even anyone noticing because they take over humans then clone them and only live their skeleton behind.


Invasion is a Sci Fi drama that suffered from both the Katrina hurricane that made ABC delay the launch of the series and also because this is an extremely slow paced Invasion and viewers surely expected something more on the side of an action series. However, this is a well made series with a strong plot and Sci FI fans at least should give it a chance.

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