In rural Suffolk a successful criminal barrister lives with his wife. He now questions his belief in the legal system after several traumatic events.

Available on networks: ITV1, Hulu Plus

Categories: Crime, Drama, Thriller
Countries: UK
First Run: 2011-06-07
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 845
Total Visits: 2230
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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   James Purefoy - William Travers
   Charlie Creed-Miles - DI Mark Wenborn
   Sasha Behar - Natalie Chandra
   Dervla Kirwan - Jane Travers
   Robert Whitelock - Philip Spaull
   Obi Abili - DS Nick Taylor
   Kirsty Bushell - Maggie Wenborn
   Adam Grant - Robin Miller
   Lisa Diveney - Kate Travers
   Nathaniel Parker - Martin Newall
   David Schofield - ACC Stephen Packard
   Joe Cole - Alan Stewart
   Jayne Wisener - Lucy Wilson
   Stephen Hagan - David Canning
   Susannah Doyle - Susannah James
   Jacob Anderson - Simon
   Elijah Baker - Darren
   Ian Burfield - Terry Cooper
   Steve Hansell - Ralph Bates
   Hilton McRae - PMO Adam Christie
   John McGlynn - John Renner
   Yuna Shin - Miss Sun-Jung
   Stephen Hogan - Eric Ducann
   Nick Dunning - Jeremy Forbes-Watson
   Jan Uddin - Tariq Hal-Hamdani
   Camilla Power - Caroline Newall
   Tariq Jordan - Jameel Khan
   David Rintoul - Henry Conway
   Marcia Warren - Mary Davis
   Peter Ferdinando - John Slater
   Paul Keating - Hotel Receptionist
   Andrew Tiernan - Michael Bankes
   John Warnaby - Malcolm Arnold
   Amelia Lowdell - Pamela Stewart
   Tim Wallers - Ian Miller
   Nick Court - Gavin Brooke
   Imogen Stubbs - Gemma Lawrence
   Simon Cook - Judge
   Sam Creed - CCTV man
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