In The Flesh

After the uprising, the government starts to bring the Undead back into society with teenager Kieren Walker, after returning home to his small village to face a hostile reception.

Available on networks: BBC Three

Categories: Drama, Horror
Countries: UK
First Run: 2013-03-18
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 600
Total Visits: 1775
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Emily Bevan - Amy Dyer
   Harriet Cains - Jem Walker
   Steve Cooper - Steve Walker
   Kenneth Cranham - Vicar Oddie
   Marie Critchley - Sue Walker
   Juliet Ellis - Patty Lancaster
   Steve Evets - Bill Macy
   Steve Garti - Duncan Lancaster
   Karen Henthorn - Janet Macy
   Sandra Huggett - Shirley Wilson
   Luke Newberry - Kieren Walker
   Riann Steele - Lisa Lancaster
   Kevin Sutton - Gary
   Gerard Thompson - Dean
   Stephen Thompson - Philip Wilson
   Ricky Tomlinson - Ken Burton
   David Walmsley - Rick Macy
   Gillian Waugh - Pearl Pinder

Review: In the Flesh

Four years have passed since zombies returned to life, and the government is trying to slowly integrate the so called Partially Deceased in society by treating them and sending them back to their families. This is mainly the story behind British TV mini series 'In the Flesh'.

Kieren Walker is one of the Partially Deceased. He is a shy zombie, a teenager that has committed suicide and now receives a second chance as a zombie, or as a partially deceased if you prefer. When back at home, Kieren is welcomed by his parents, but also by the local Human Volunteer Force, which is a local anti-zombie resistance group that his sister had joined. The group is obviously not happy with having Partially Deceased people in their town, and they are a threat to Kieren and all zombies that are returning to their homes after treatment. Things get complicated when Kieren meets Amy, a crazy partially deceased girl that seems to defy the Human Volunteer Force (HVF) and pretty much everything. Things are even more complicated once Kieren’s best friend Rick, dead while in Afghanistan as a soldier, also returns home as a partially deceased.  Rick is the son of HVF leader Bill Macey and also the reason why Kieren committed suicide.

Without spoiling too much for you, this is pretty much how In the Flesh looks like. Not everyone is happy with having Partially Deceased people around, so these ‘humanized’ zombies have to face everyone’s hate and fear as well as deal with their own nightmares.


In the Flesh is a good TV mini-series that zombie fans will enjoy even if it’s not as bloody as your typical zombie flick, the series has an original idea that I am sure we will see translated again on TV or in the Cinema.

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