Happily Divorced

During their 18 years of being married, a mid aged couple try to move their lives forward after the husband makes a confession that he's gay.

Available on networks: TV Land

Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 2011-06-16
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 745
Total Visits: 1537
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.5 (3.5)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   D.W. Moffett - Elliott
   Fran Drescher - Fran
   John Michael Higgins - Peter
   Rita Moreno - Dori
   Robert Walden - Glen
   Tichina Arnold - Judi
   Valente Rodriguez - Cesar

Review: Happily Divorced

I liked Fran Drescher in the TV show The Nanny as she was sexy, spontaneous, and hilarious. This new TV series, one that seems to be titled in a somewhat paradoxical way 'Happily Divorced', is about a couple, Fran and Peter, that although divorced still live together due to some financial restraints. Fran, a florist in Los Angeles, finds out that her husband is gay after being married for close to twenty years. After the divorce, the couple's relationship is friendly and platonic, and most of the fun moments of the series have to do with Fran re entering the dating scene after such a long time. What's fascinating is that the series is based on the real stories of Fran Drescher and Peter Marc Jacobson. Unfortunately, there are moments when it seems the show is a bit implausible. Still, this is a fine series that delivers lots of laughs. Even if the show has received mixed reviews, the original story and the actors make it a well worth series that might develop into something more serious. One particularly hilarious episode is when Peter steals Fran's new boyfriend, and there are many more funny and eye opening moments in the show.

Verdict: Although Fran is not as young and agitated as we got used to from The Nanny, she plays a good role in Happily Divorced, and she is still as sexy. If you want something light and funny, then Happily Divorced is a good choice.

Review: Happily Divorced

Fran is a florist married to a perfect man for the last 18 years. That is until one night he confesses that he is gay. They now have to divorce and find happiness on their own as they can. If you find the plot to be a bit strange, know that the characters actually went through this situation in their real lives.

Because it is still an economic crisis out there and moving all belongings from one place to another is not exactly cheap and easy, Fran and Peter decide to continue living together, even if not as husband and wife sharing a bed. Although their relationship is very good, there are all sorts of problems in this new scenario, and this is where all the fun comes from.

After admitting that he is actually gay, Peter tries to find true love after being married to a woman for nearly 2 decades,  while Fran returns to the dating scene trying to find someone to grow old with, preferably someone that won’t surprise her as severely as Peter did.

Those that enjoyed The Nanny series will find Happily Divorced hilarious, but this is a series that anyone should pick when looking for some laughs and an incredible plot based on a real story.


I strongly recommend Happily Divorced as it is a very relaxing, light series and you will no doubt laugh to tears watching the couple struggle with their issues. It's a funny series and there are plenty scenes that make you laugh out loud.

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