Gravity Falls

Gravity Falls follows the adventures of twin brother and sister whose parents send them off to their Great Uncle Stan.

Available on networks: Disney Channel, Family Channel

Categories: Animation, Comedy, Fantasy, Horror, Mystery
Countries: USA
First Run: 2012-06-16
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 952
Total Visits: 3128
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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Kristen Schaal - Mabel Pines
   Jason Ritter - Dipper Pines
   Alex Hirsch - Grunkle Stan
   Linda Cardellini - Wendy
   Kevin Michael Richardson - Sheriff Blubs
   Keith Ferguson - Deputy Durland
   Grey DeLisle - Additional Voices
   T.J. Miller - Robbie
   Will Forte - Cute Biker
   Neil Hamburger - Toby Determined
   John DiMaggio - Manly Dan
   Dee Bradley Baker - Waddles
   Jennifer Coolidge - Lazy Susan
   Thurop Van Orman - Lil Gideon
   Michael Rianda - Lee and Thompson
   Fred Tatasciore - Additional Voices
   Kari Wahlgren - Additional Voices
   Carl Faruolo - Grenda
   Niki Yang - Candy Chiu
   Jackie Buscarino - Pacifica
   Matt Chapman - Video Game Announcer
   Stephen Root - Additional Voices
   Tara Strong -
   Kimberly Mooney - Additional Voices
   Jessica DiCicco - Tambry
   Justin Roiland - Blendon Blandon
   April Winchell - Additional Voices
   Chris Parnell -
   Eric Bauza - Additional Voices
   Horatio Sanz - Additional Voices
   Lance Bass - Boys Crazy
   Jeff Bennett - The Summerween Trickster
   Brian Bloom - Rumble McSkirmish
   Coolio - Wax Coolio
   Ken Hudson Campbell - Ergman Bratzman
   Will Friedle -
   Larry King - Wax Larry King
   Ken Jenkins - Old Man Ghost
   John Oliver - Wax Sherlock Holmes
   Smith Harrison - Deep Voice Dipper
   Diedrich Bader -
   Kimberly Brooks - Additional Voices
   Corey Burton -
   Alfred Molina - Multi-Bear
   Jennifer Cody -
   Blake Bertrand - Mummy Kid
   Scott Menville - Flavor Pup 2
   Jason Morgan -
   Daryl Sabara - Son on Pier
   Mikey Kelley - Additional Voices
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