Glee is about an optimistic high school Spanish teacher who becomes boss of the Glee Club.

Available on networks: FOX, NETFLIX, Hulu

Categories: Comedy, Drama, Musical
Countries: USA
First Run: 2009-05-20
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 4091
Total Visits: 10696
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Chris Colfer - Kurt Hummel
   Jane Lynch - Sue Sylvester
   Kevin McHale - Artie Abrams
   Lea Michele - Rachel Berry
   Cory Monteith - Finn Hudson
   Matthew Morrison - Will Schuester
   Amber Riley - Mercedes Jones
   Mark Salling - Noah Puck Puckerman
   Naya Rivera - Santana Lopez
   Jenna Ushkowitz - Tina Cohen-Chang
   Heather Morris - Brittany Pierce
   Harry Shum Jr. - Mike Chang
   Jayma Mays - Emma Pillsbury
   Dianna Agron - Quinn Fabray
   Chord Overstreet - Sam Evans
   Darren Criss - Blaine Anderson
   Iqbal Theba - Principal Figgins
   Jessalyn Gilsig - Terri Schuester
   Ian Brennan - Narrator
   Mike OMalley - Burt Hummel
   Lauren Potter - Becky Jackson
   Dot Jones - Shannon Beiste
   Brad Ellis - Brad the Piano Player
   Vanessa Lengies - Sugar Motta
   Ashley Fink - Lauren Zizes
   Samuel Larsen - Joe Hart
   Melissa Benoist - Marley Rose
   Jacob Artist - Jake Puckerman
   Alex Newell - Wade Unique Adams
   Max Adler - Dave Karofsky
   Josh Sussman - Jacob Ben Israel
   Becca Tobin - Kitty Wilde
   Dijon Talton - Matt Rutherford
   Damian McGinty - Rory Flanagan
   Blake Jenner - Ryder Lynn
   James Earl - Azimio
   Romy Rosemont - Carole Hudson
   Dean Geyer - Brody Weston
   Jon Robert Hall - Warbler 7
   Jonathan Groff - Jesse St. James
   Idina Menzel - Shelby Corcoran
   Bill A. Jones - Rod Remington
   Riker Lynch - Jeff
   Patrick Gallagher - Ken Tanaka
   Ryan Heinke - Stoner Brett
   Curt Mega - Nick
   Dominic Barnes - Trent
   Nick de Graffenreid - Student
   Titus Makin Jr. - David
   Eddy Martin - Thad

Review: Glee

The series is about a group of high school students who passionate about music and form a club, one may call it a choir, named Glee. With the help of their teacher, Mr. Schuester, they will try to win a music competition. During each episode, the youth plays various songs in their own style.
Glee Club is composed of high school students who dream to become stars. Rachel is the most ambitious and perfectionist member of the group, and she dreams becoming a star since she was a little girl. Artie is the guitarist, and he is in a wheelchair since he was eight years old, Finn is a footballer, Quinn is a cheerleader who is pregnant, Puck is the bad boy of the group and Mercedes has a very beautiful voice. There is also the charismatic and arrogant Sue Sylvester, an extremely interesting, entertaining and diverse character.
The Club is led by Professor Schuester who is dedicated to his students, the dedication and professionalism making him the ideal teacher. Sue Sylvester is the exact opposite as she has a superior and violent attitude. Sue is the coach of the cheerleader team, and a real performer, winning the national cheerleaders championship every year with her team. Glee Club is considered by everyone in school as the Losers Club.
Glee is one of the most optimistic series that I've seen. It's a very good project fused in a remarkable TV series that is full of energy, action and entertainment. Watching it is like taking a breath of fresh air especially because of the young and inspired cast along with the presence of experienced actors.

Glee focuses on passion and the desire to succeed. I gladly recommend it to people who love music and enjoy watching musicals.

Review: Glee

A number of high school students from the McKinley High School become part of the Glee club in order to pursue their passion for singing. Glee club is the kind of music club, a choir that can be found in each college and university in the US, in which teenagers gifted in terms of their voices come together to give life to their musical fantasies. So this is a show featuring lots of singing and you might think that there’s nothing original about it, but you would be wrong.

First of all, the series is appealing because of the messages and life lessons that each episode develops. The McKinley High School Glee Club is not made of just a certain type of teenagers but rather of any kind of teens that you can think of. Some examples include ethnic minorities most time discriminated, people with both physical and mental disabilities that have problems in adjusting to high school life, gay people who find their sexual inclinations at this stage in their lives and are abused because of this, disoriented teens who want to discover exactly who they are, people who seemingly have everything they want but are a mess emotionally, and so on.

All these more or less troubled teenagers come to join the Glee club and together try to overcome all their problems by doing the only thing that makes them feel good, enjoy music and singing. Glee talks about the issues of each of its members, and many other situations that can be faced in real life, and some of them very delicate.


Glee helps you pass through appearances or stereotypes, and see those around you with different eyes. Another great thing about the series is actually the singing and certain songs. All songs are in perfect harmony with the story unfolding in that episode and even though most are covers the kids make them sound incredibly good.

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