Generation Kill

A reporter whos embedded with The 1st Recon Marines gives his experiences during the early assult of the Baghdad war in 2003.

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Categories: Drama, War
Countries: USA,UK
First Run: 2008-07-14
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
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Total Visits: 11458
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 3.0 (3.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Alexander Skarsgyrd - Sgt. Brad Iceman Colbert
   James Ransone - Cpl. Josh Ray Person
   Lee Tergesen - Evan Scribe Wright
   Jon Huertas - Sgt. Antonio Espera
   Stark Sands - Lt. Nathaniel Fick
   Billy Lush - Lance Cpl. Harold James Trombley
   Jonah Lotan - Navy Hm2 Robert Timothy Doc Bryan
   Wilson Bethel - Cpl. Evan Q-Tip Stafford
   Pawel Szajda - Cpl. Walt Hasser
   Marc Menchaca - Gunnery Sgt. Mike Gunny Wynn
   Rey Valentin - Cpl. Gabe Garza
   Kellan Lutz - Cpl. Jason Lilley
   Mike Figueroa - Sgt. Leandro Shady B Baptista
   Rudy Reyes - Sgt. Rodolfo Rudy Reyes
   Rich McDonald - Cpl. Anthony Manimal Jacks
   Eric Ladin - Cpl. James Chaffin
   Chance Kelly - Lt. Col. Stephen Godfather Ferrando
   Eric Nenninger - Cpt. Dave Captain America McGraw
   Brian Patrick Wade - Cpt. Craig Encino Man Schwetje
   Neal Jones - Sgt. Maj. John Sixta
   Michael Kelly - Cpt. Bryan Patterson
   David Barrera - Gunnery Sgt. Ray Casey Kasem Griego
   Benjamin Busch - Maj. Todd Eckloff
   Owain Yeoman - Sgt. Eric Kocher
   J. Salome Martinez - Cpl. Jeffrey Dirty Earl Carisalez
   Nabil Elouahabi - Meesh
   Langley Kirkwood - Sgt. Steven Lovell
   Stefan Otto - Cpl. Nathan Christopher
   Sal Alvarez - Cpl. Hector Leon
   Daniel Fox - Pfc. John Christeson
   Bjorn Steinbach - Cpl. Michael Stinetorf
   Sydney Hall - Cpl. Teren T Holsey
   Justin Shaw - Sgt. Michael Budweiser Brunmeier
   Sean Brosnan - Cpl. Daniel Redman
   Theo Landey - Sgt. Damon Fawcett
   Kyle Siebert - Cpl. John Burris
   Jeffrey John Carisalez - Cpl. Smith
   Darron Meyer - Cpl. Cody Scott
   Eric Kocher - Gunnery Sgt. Rich Barrett
   Denton Douglas - Cpl. Trevor Darnold
   Josh Barrett - Sgt. Larry Shawn Pappy Patrick
   Robert John Burke - Maj. Gen. James Chaos Mattis
   Jay Wilkison - CIA Agent

Review: Generation Kill

HBO mini-series Generation Kill consists of seven parts on the invasion of Iraq, without making any compromise and managing to be respectful to both parties involved. Generation Kill follows the adventures of a group of soldiers manifestly without shame or respect, the members of the elite Recon battalion that makes way for the actual invasion. However tough and remorseless the Recon team may be the series follows their actions with impeccable dignity. The odyssey of these men, from their tents in a Kuwait camp to the occupied Baghdad is depicted with brutal honesty and without using cinematography to make things more watchable. The closest thing to a "soundtrack" is the distorted sounds of the radio station and of course the sound of guns firing. Generation Kill is based on Evan Wright’s novel with the same title. Wright himself spent time with the Recon battalion in an effort to better understand their experience. Though it was tough for Wright to get army’s approval for his, he managed to convince them and soon his courage earned him their respect. His life was often in danger, but he survived and wrote the book on six of the soldiers he documented.

The mini series shows the reality of war in general and the war in Iraq in particular, a new type of war that was extremely fast paced and brutal in which combatants barley got to fire their weapons because it was too difficult to make enemies from comrades or civilians. Generation Kill is a series that manages to present the reality and horror of war to viewers. It portrays both the success of the team in its various missions but also the hard life soldiers have while in combat. The series is extremely brutal at times, the producers aiming to make this a realistic depiction of the war and less a romanticized story of American soldiers.


Pick Generation Kill if you are looking to get a close look at the horrors of war, the war in Iraq especially, as well as into the lives of the soldiers that are the first to arrive in a conflict zone.

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