A special task force in the FBI investigates after every person on Earth simultaneously blackouts and awakens with a short vision of their future.

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Categories: Drama, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries: USA
First Run: 2009-09-24
Runtime: 60 mins
Show Status: Ended
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Total Visits: 2070
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
   Season 1
Cast & Characters
   Courtney B. Vance - Stanford Wedeck
   Joseph Fiennes - Mark Benford
   John Cho - Demetri Noh
   Jack Davenport - Lloyd Simcoe
   Zachary Knighton - Dr. Bryce Varley
   Peyton List - Nicole Kirby
   Bran F. OByrne - Aaron Stark
   Sonya Walger - Dr. Olivia Benford
   Christine Woods - Janis Hawk
   Dominic Monaghan - Simon Campos
   Ryan Wynott - Dylan Simcoe
   Barry Shabaka Henley - Agent Shelly Vreede
   Lennon Wynn - Charlie Benford
   Michael Ealy - Marshall Vogel
   Genevieve Padalecki - Tracy Stark
   Gabrielle Union - Zoey Andata
   Lee Thompson Young - Al Gough
   Michael Massee - Dyson Frost
   Amy Rosoff - Marcie Turoff
   Cynthia Addai-Robinson - Debbie
   Neil Jackson - Lucas Hellinger
   Dominic Rains - Kahmir DeJean
   Yko Takeuchi - Keiko Arahida
   Rachel Roberts - Alda Hertzog
   James Callis - Gabriel McDow
   Jonathan Levit - Martin Dewey
   Blake Robbins - Special Agent Buckner
   Rick L. Dean - Doctor
   Shohreh Aghdashloo - Nhadra Udaya
   Annabeth Gish - Lita
   Alex Kingston - Fiona Banks
   Mark Famiglietti - Mike Willingham
   Ricky Jay - Ted Flosso
   Gil Bellows - Timothy
   Hira Ambrosino - Yuuka Arahida
   Rizwan Manji - Maneesh Sandhar
   Marc Menchaca - Wheeler
   Karl Herlinger - Quarry
   Marquessa Moreland - Ultrasound Technician
   Kent Shocknek - Hansen
   Hannah Marks - Annabelle Campos
   Pascal Petardi - Agent Danforth Crowley
   Ace Antonio Hall - Detective
   Peter Coyote - President Dave Segovia
   Lindsay Crouse - Mrs. Kirby
   Callum Keith Rennie - Jeff Slingerland
   James Frain - Gordon Myhill
   Barbara Williams - Vice President Joyce Clemente
   John Prosky - Mr. Dunkirk
   Lee Garlington - Carlene

Review: Flash Forward

Without any prior warning, the entire human race falls into a faint at the same time for 2 minutes and 17 seconds. Over 20 million people die in car or aviation accidents as a result of this incident. Consequently, most government agencies begin investigations designed to determine the causes of this tragic and unique global fainting incident.

As people share their experiences from during the global unconsciousness, it becomes obvious that most people experienced visions of events placed exactly six months in the future. For 137 seconds, most had a Flash Forward moment. There are some who have not seen anything, so the possibility of a death in the next 6 months haunts them. As time passes, the stories prove to be related to each other, all clues leading to desirable truths, or not, but apparently impossible to change.

Mark Benford is an FBI agent and a recovering alcoholic who decided to choose the path of sobriety in order to regain his wife, Olivia, who threatened him with the divorce. Untill the Flash Forward happening, Mark managed to stay away from alcohol with the help of his friend Aaron, with whom he spends time while attending AA meetings. Aaron Stark is both a close friend of Marks and also his AA sponsor.

Olivia Benford is a doctor. In the months before the Global Fainting, she struggles to save a marriage threatened by her husband's alcoholism, to which she'd given an ultimatum. In the day of the big faint, their relationship seems stable as Mark doesn't drink anymore, and the two found their balance. In her flash forward, Olivia has a vision of another man being in her life, a man she has strong feelings for. The young mother and doctor immediately panics as her first thought isn't that she becomes unfaithful but that Mark started drinking again.

Simon Campos is a scientist. Few know about the character Simon Campos from before the fainting. But along the way we find that he is quantum physics genius. His experiments, at least at first, seem to be the basis of the conditions that produced the great fainting. Even if he appears later in the show, we find out that in his vision during the fainting Simon is in the process of killing an unknown man, the finality of that scene bringing him full satisfaction, as he declares.

Janis Hawk is working for the FBI, in the same anti terrorism team with Mark and Demetri. Nicole Kirby is a student. When she was a child, she lived with her father in Okinawa, where she learned Japanese. Demetri Noh attended the FBI Academy courses along with Janis and is currently Mark's field partner. Lloyd Simcoe worked as a physicist at Stanford University, qualifying as a finalist for the Nobel Prize.


When the whole of humanity falls asleep at the same time, governments try to find out why this tragedy happened.

Review: FlashForward

FlashForward is a somewhat mysterious series so you can expect things to happen seemingly without any logic, and while you will find a lot of explanations none can be definitive, and this is enough to keep you guessing and waiting for a new episode.

Everything starts from a strange, unexplained and unprecedented event. The entire population of the planet loses consciousness for precisely 2 minutes and 17 seconds. For those wondering what would happen in such a case, now you find out: lots of planes and cars crash, swimmers drown, people die on the operating table, and all sorts of similar disasters occur. After the event, we get to meet the central characters in the series, mainly a group of FBI agents, their families, friends and others trying to solve or involved in causing this incident.

We soon learn that there is more to this incident than it appears. People have not only passed out, but they have all seen the future during this blackout. Everyone has a sort of vision of the future, 6 months into the future, and all people see things that will happen on the same day. Soon we get some scientific explanation for this event, involving of course quantum physics, a lot of brilliant physicists as well as the particle physics CERN institute and the experiments taking place there. Besides the scientific explanation, we also get to watch a thorough FBI investigation closely because millions of people died during the blackout and FBI suspects a new event is to occur.

The event seems to change everything. People now live by what they saw in the future, even though it is not even certain that things will happen as they saw during the global blackout. For example, those who did not see anything obviously think they will be dead, so they form some sort of group, and meet to commit suicide, to kill each other and do other insane things.


FlashForward has its flaws, mainly concerning action scenes and some holes in the script, but even so this is a highly entertaining action series that action fans, as well as Sci Fi enthusiasts, will find intriguing.

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