Family Guy

Set in the town of Quahog, in Rhode Island.Family Guy tells in funny stories all about the lives of a dysfunctional family

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Categories: Animation, Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 1999-02-01
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Continuing
Visits Today: 4437
Total Visits: 21258
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Seasons & Episodes
Cast & Characters
   Seth MacFarlane - Peter Griffin
   Alex Borstein - Lois Griffin
   Seth Green - Chris Griffin
   Mila Kunis - Meg Griffin
   Mike Henry - Cleveland Brown
   Danny Smith - Evil Monkey
   Patrick Warburton - Joe Swanson
   John Viener - Various
   Alec Sulkin - Various
   Ralph Garman - Various
   Adam West - Mayor Adam West
   Lori Alan - Diane Simmons
   John G. Brennan - Mort Goldman
   Phil LaMarr - Judge
   Alexandra Breckenridge - A Checkout Girl in a Cheap Dress Who Wants to Be a Model
   Chris Cox - George W. Bush
   Rachael MacFarlane - Various
   Mark Hentemann - Opie
   Wally Wingert - Various
   Jennifer Tilly - Bonnie Swanson
   Gary Cole - Principal Shepherd
   Steve Callaghan - Various
   Chris Sheridan - Various
   Fred Tatasciore - Announcer
   Nicole Sullivan - Muriel Goldman
   Tara Strong - Amanda
   Kevin Michael Richardson - Bill Cosby
   Max Burkholder - Kid
   Lisa Wilhoit - Connie DAmico
   Christine Lakin - Joyce Kinney
   Megan Grano - Various
   Patrick Stewart - Captain Jean-Luc Picard
   Jeff Bergman - Fred Flintstone
   Carrie Fisher - Angela
   Lacey Chabert - Meg Griffin
   James Burkholder - Kid
   H. Jon Benjamin - Carl
   Drew Barrymore - Jillian Russell
   Carlos Alazraqui - Mr. Weed
   Mike Barker - Buff Guy
   Kirker Butler - First Caterpillar
   Barclay DeVeau - Patty
   Butch Hartman - Various
   Nana Visitor - Brenda Quagmire
   Jackson Douglas - Jason Voorhees
   Colin Ford - Kid
   Joey Slotnick - Angry Man
   Adam Carolla - Death
   David Boat - Rupert
   Gary Janetti - Various

Family Guy - A funny dysfunctional family

For many years shows like the Simpsons have been the Fox networks goldmine. To add to the list of funny shows comes Family guy. Family guy like the Simpsons often involves adult humor and language. This means that it is not suited for children. Having said that there are many clean yet funny moments on the show.

Family guy, like other adult targeted comedies involve things that are going on now. Family guy has been known to use its characters to poke fun of everything. If the president does something stupid, they will likely have a character on the show mock him. In some cases the people they make fun of are made into characters for the show and are then poked fun of.

The Griffin Family is about as dysfunctional as they come and they even have a talking baby and dog. I guess this is what helps to make this show funny. It seems quite a few people like talking dogs and babies.

This show is all about humor and will go to great lengths to make people laugh even if they must offend people to do so. This show has been through a lot of controversy because of this. Many times over the years people have tried to cancel the show because of some of the content.

Some of the content since that time has been cleaned up so that the show can stay on the air. Many of the funny moments are quite clean. Like Peter beating up a chicken for several minutes. This is just one of those shows that you canít quite explain what its about. Every week its different and based around things that are actually going on in the world right now.


Its one of those shows where you will have to watch it for yourself and see what you think. If you do not like humor that is often adult related then you will not like this show. If you want to just laugh at stupid stuff then you will probably like this show. Its really just a different version of the Simpsons.

Review: Family Guy

Family Guy is probably the most well known American animated series today. Created by Seth MacFarlane back in 1999 for the FOX TV channel, the series presents the adventures of the Griffin family. Peter Griffin is a pretty dumb daily worker but well-intentioned man and who thinks a little too highly of himself. His wife is Louis Pewterschmidt, a housewife and piano teacher who will do anything for her family. Together they have three children: Meg, an ugly and disliked teenager; Chris, a perfect copy of his father and Stewie, a diabolical child who behaves and speaks like an adult and dreams of world domination. Another character in this family is the family's dog, which is also speaking, Brian. The series is known for using an absurd and dark humor and also because of the fact that it parodies various movies, TV series as well as actors or popular character in general.

Family Guy is one of the most popular animations of the moment and was nominated for many Emmy Awards and won several. In 2000, Seth MacFarlane wins the prize for voice (Stewie Griffin). In 2002, composer Walter Murphy wins the award for music and lyrics, and in 2007 Steve Fonti won the award for best Actor in a Motion animation.

Although it was accused of many elements taken from other animated comedy series, especially The Simpsons, it has developed its own style of humor, and its dedicated fans contributed to the series return after it was canceled out from the Fox program.

The jokes in family guy aim mostly on the situations that we face every day, which we often ignore or face in a more pessimistic way than the characters in the series. Relationships, entertainment, families who often underestimate their youngest as Stewie is ignored despite his sharp mind, preconceptions and stereotypes, housewives and obsessed men; in short, Family Guy presents modern society with a lot of humor.


Family Guy is one of the funniest cartoons of all time. You must have a bit of education and culture in order to understand all the jokes, but the work of the producers is absolutely amazing.

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