Everybody Loves Raymond

Ray Barone, a Sport writer whos family life evolves around a brother whos been jealous for most of his life and his wife is fed up.

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Categories: Comedy
Countries: USA
First Run: 1996-09-01
Runtime: 30 mins
Show Status: Ended
Visits Today: 980
Total Visits: 3244
WorldTVPC Rating: WorldTVPC Rating 4.0 (4.0)

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Review - Everybody loves Raymond - A real comedy show

While this show may be off the air and no longer making new episodes it is still a great comedy show. It has been off the air for several years but it is still being played on many TV channels because it is still a good comedy. Everybody loves Raymond is a show about a family that is as dysfunctional as they come. This family has about every quirk you can think of and so getting along can be quite the challenge.

Raymond is one of the only sane ones in the Barone family. Even he has some little quirks that his wife Deborah does not like. For one Raymond is scared of his overbearing mother just like Robert, his older brother.

Maria is the mother that is just “too good”. She likes to be in everybody’s business and is overbearing. She says that she does everything out of love but really she is just nosy and likes to be in control at all times. Robert is Raymond’s older and greatly taller brother. He has more issues than basically anyone in the family.

He is a big coward who still lives at home with his crazy parents. Raymond is a successful Newsweek sports magazine writer who has a big house and lots of money. Robert is a police officer who is extremely jealous of Raymond but seems to not try to get out of his situation. The characters on this show are played well and it is actually quite funny.

One of the funniest characters is of course the father, Frank. Frank is a old man with no modesty or care for others. His rude and insulting jokes are downright hilarious most of the time. Whenever he wants to have the room to himself he threatens to just take off his pants.


The show spans quite a few seasons of top notch humor. Some shows have sexual humor but not all of them do. Overall the show is a quality funny show that the whole family can watch. I think that you will enjoy Everybody loves Raymond. The best part now that it is off the air is that you can watch it commercial free on DVD or even online.

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