Season 6 Episodes for Trailer Park Boys
Episode 1 - The Way of the Road
First show of the 6th season. Ray who is living in his truck sleeper disposes of his urine just like a trucker. Julian has a new plan to make money. Randy goes out on his own. Bubbles makes plans for his kitties.

Episode 2 - The Cheeseburger Picnic
Randy takes over as park supervisor and plans a picnic for park morale. Mr. Lahey has a plan of his own. Lucy gets wasted and you wont believe who she turns to for comfort.

Episode 3 - High Definition Piss Jugs
Sunnyvale is finally going to get some publicity for their new Convenients Store and Bubbles KIttyland as a TV reporter comes to Sunnyvale. Lahey goes to the dump and finds something surprising. Randy has a new fan.

Episode 4 - Where in the Fuck is Oscar Goldman
Trinity is in danger of failing grade 6. Ricky comes to the rescue. Bubbles reveals that he has a fear of chickens.

Episode 5 - Halloween 1977
Randy power trips as he tries to clean up the park. Lahey tries to get incriminating evidence against the boys, and finds just the thing he thinks he needs to get back on the police force.

Episode 6 - Gimme My Fuckin Money or Randys Dead
Lahey appears before the police board. Julian prepares a surprise for Ricky. Ray becomes Assistant Trailer Park Supervisor.