Season 5 Episodes for Wire in the Blood
Episode 1 - The Colour of Amber
Dr Tony Hill and DI Alex Fielding are in a race against time when a young girl is seen being snatched by a man in a car. Alex knows her chances of finding the girl alive are falling sharply as the first hour slips by and reacts by calling an Amber alert. The media is flooded with pleas for information. Meanwhile Tony is building a profile of likely abductors. He rules out the first police suspect a paedophile recently re homed on the estate. The man prefers boys but as public anger rises he has to sit in a police holding cell for his own safety. Meanwhile, a distraught mother, Celeste comes forward identifying the missing girl as her daughter Janita. She should be safely at school, but neither she nor her young friend Mikey turned up. Celeste is stricken because Janitas twin died in infancy. Is she going to lose another child Tony knows that a likely abductor will know the area and know his escape routes. But searches produce no matches. And although she struggled, the abducted girl had her chance to run but didnt take it. So was the abductor a stranger, or someone she knew after all Janitas father and step father both have alibis. When Janitas friend Mikey, the last person to have seen her alive, is found trying to burn his blood stained school uniform he also enters the frame as a possible suspect. But Mikey refuses to talk.

Episode 2 - Nocebo
A teenage girl and a young boy are found dead and they appear to have been victims of a ritual killing. Alex is upset by the lack of care shown by their bereaved families as shes having problems of her own with her son Ben. The trail leads to links with a property tycoon wholl stop at nothing to get the rent paid, a preacher whose healing activities involve animal sacrifice, and a self styled artist whose works are painted in blood. For Tony the dead bodies could be a warning and he puzzles over what the killer might want to gain and why. Is this caused by a religious cult Is it one killer or two with one suspect following the other Meanwhile Alex has taken Tonys advice and hired a nanny, easing her pressures with Ben and work. When the nanny returns home without Ben the team realise the awful truth. The killer has been lurking unseen but close by, manipulating the police via psychological suggestion just as they have manipulated their victims. And the killer now has Ben.

Episode 3 - The Names of Angels
Tony is faced with a series of deadly puzzles when a killer rapes and strangles young female victims in Bradfield. He chooses to dress and identify them as young women he killed several years before in Europe. Why is he boasting to police about his past, leaving the bodies where they can easily be found And why is he choosing confident, successful victims from the world of business, and killing in Bradfield Tony and Alex begin to link the foreign murders to the names of more than one Bradfield businessman. Could these people be prime suspects or are they still further victims caught in the killers web They must discover if the killer is really wealthy and powerful or someone with no money and a vengeful desire to steal from others. Meanwhile, Tony has his own problems when 18 year old released killer Jack (Jack OConnell) turns up on his doorstep. Hes on the run from his social workers and police. On top of that Alex longs for Tonys help when she discovers that Ben has been secretly in contact with his dad. But pride stops her from confessing her need, and sparks a series of misunderstandings.

Episode 4 - Anything You Can Do
The murder of an elderly woman, suffocated in her own home, seems too deliberately staged to be an accident or robbery. And when Alex calls in Tony he realises the killer will strike again. To set a trap, Tony and Alex hold a public meeting which Tony predicts the killer will be compelled to attend. At the meeting, Tonys profile of the murderer sees one member of the public stand out as prime suspect thuggish security guard Kelly. He lives with his overbearing mother and has also been seen near the scene of crime by several witnesses including frightened local man Donovan. But Kelly and his mother hold out under questioning and, as Tony predicted, the first murder proves to be the start of several killings. They all show the same signature but apparently different personality traits in the finer details of their execution. The differences seem too profound to allow for only one killer. Meanwhile, Tony has an initially pleasant surprise when old friend Jonathan (Michael Maloney), a psychologist whose work he admired when they were students together, turns up out of the blue. But Alex immediately dislikes Jonathan, and her instincts are proved right.