Season 5 Episodes for The Colbert Report
Episode 1 - John King
Stephen congratulates John King and the rest of the media on getting Obama elected.

Episode 2 - Matt Miller
Matt Miller says the government must make sure we have basic securities like health care and pensions.

Episode 3 - Benicio Del Toro
Benicio Del Toro talks about meeting Castro to prepare for Che.

Episode 4 - Lawrence Lessig
Lawrence Lessig says the outdated copyright laws have turned our kids into criminals.

Episode 5 - Anthony Romero
Anthony Romero believes it will be a huge mistake if Barack Obama doesnt close Guantanamo immediately.

Episode 6 - Niall Ferguson
Niall Ferguson explains how money is a relationship between a creditor and a debtor.

Episode 7 - Alan Khazei
Barack Obama may be over marketed, and Alan Khazei wants Americans to volunteer.

Episode 8 - Shepard Fairey
A look back on President Bushs relationship with the media Stephen wonders if tonights the night they finally do it and Shepard Faireys Hope poster belongs to everyone.

Episode 9 - Frank Rich
Frank Rich says George W. Bush delivers a message of hope for mediocrity.

Episode 10 - Jabari Asim
Tonight Stephen welcomes Washington Post columnist and author of The N Word Who Can Say It, Who Shouldnt, and Why, Jabari Asim.

Episode 11 - Elizabeth Alexander
Elizabeth Alexander explains to Stephen the difference between a metaphor and a lie.

Episode 12 - Jon Meacham
Tonight Stephen welcomes Newsweek editor and author of American Lion Andrew Jackson in the White House, Jon Meacham.

Episode 13 - Pastor Ed Young
Obama changes Bushs policy on science, and Ed Young thinks married people should have more sex.

Episode 14 - Philippe Petit
Documentary, Man on Wire

Episode 15 - Paul McCartney

Episode 16 - John Podesta
President and CEO, Center for American Progress

Episode 17 - Dan Zaccagnino
The government collapses in Iceland, and Stephen gets mad at Dan Zaccagnino.

Episode 18 - Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. says Abraham Lincoln was always against slavery, but he wasnt a fan of black people.

Episode 19 - Steve Martin
Actor, The Pink Panther 2

Episode 20 - Jonah Lehrer
Stephen salutes the Boy Scouts, and Jonah Lehrer discusses the neuroscience of decision making.

Episode 21 - TV On The Radio
Stephen welcomes musical guest TV On The Radio.

Episode 22 - Robert Ballard
Its tough times for the Republican Party, and Stephen gives a shout out to a former employee.

Episode 23 - Steven Pinker
New York Times article, My Genomic Self

Episode 24 - Adam Gopnik
Adam Gopnik claims that faith and fear no longer rule our lives because of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Darwin.

Episode 25 - Helen Fisher
Tonight Stephen welcomes the chief scientific advisor for, anthropology professor and author of Why Him Why Her Finding Real Love By Understanding Your Personality Type, Helen Fisher.

Episode 26 - Cliff Sloan
Cliff Sloan believes that Marbury v. Madison is significant because it established the rule of law.

Episode 27 - John Fetterman
Mayor John Fetterman believes Braddock, PA is a great place to spend some of the stimulus money.

Episode 28 - Kris Kristofferson
Stephen wants to know how Kris Kristofferson can be a country musician and a liberal at the same time.

Episode 29 - David Byrne
Late at night, who does David Byrne fear David Byrne is

Episode 30 - Mark Bittman
President Obama taxes the rich to pay for universal health care, and South Carolina may finally end gun prostitution.

Episode 31 - Carl Wilson
Carl Wilson tries to understand the popularity of Celine Dion in Lets Talk About Love and will NASA name part of the space station after Stephen if he changes his name to Stephen Urine Filtration System

Episode 32 - Steven Johnson
Steven Johnson talks about Joseph Priestley, the man who first realized that plants actually create the oxygen we breathe.

Episode 33 - Lisa Hannigan
Lisa Hannigan sewed the cover, liner notes and lyrics of her album Sea Sew.

Episode 34 - Dr. Jay Keasling
Tonight Stephen welcomes microbiologist and member of the Joint BioEnergy Institute, Dr. Jay Keasling. Also Stephen talks with NASAs associate administrator for space operations Bill Gerstenmaier about the Kepler Probe and other space exploration.

Episode 35 - Howard Fineman
Tonight Stephen welcomes Newsweek correspondent and author of The Thirteen American Arguments Enduring Debates that Define and Inspire Our Country, Howard Fineman.

Episode 36 - Peter Singer
Peter Singer urges Stephen to give money to poor people rather than enjoying it himself.

Episode 37 - Neil Gaiman
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of The Graveyard Book.

Episode 38 - David Grann
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of The Lost City of Z A Tale of Deadly Obsession in the Amazon.

Episode 39 - Juan Cole
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of Engaging the Muslim World.

Episode 40 - John McCardell
Tonight Stephen welcomes the president of Choose Responsibility.

Episode 41 - Derrick Pitts
The guest tonight is Derrick Pitts, Chief Astronomer at The Franklin Institute.

Episode 42 - David Plotz
David Plotz, Author of Good Book LP talks to Stephen tonight.

Episode 43 - Dambisa Moyo
Author of Dead Aid, Dambisa Moyo is the guest on tonights show.

Episode 44 - Biz Stone
One of the co founders of Twitter is the guest for tonights show.

Episode 45 - Rich Lowry
Tonight Stephen welcomes the co author of Banquos Ghosts, Rich Lowry.

Episode 46 - Queen Noor
Tonight Stephen welcomes Jordans Queen Noor.

Episode 47 - Phil Bronstein
Tonight Stephen welcomes the editor at large for the San Francisco Chronicle, Phil Bronstein.

Episode 48 - Bart Ehrman
Tonight Stephen welcomes Bible expert and author of Jesus, Interrupted Revealing the Hidden Contradictions in the Bible (And Why We Dont Know About Them), Bart Ehrman.

Episode 49 - Susie Orbach
Tonight Stephen welcomes psychotherapist and author of Bodies, Susie Orbach. Also, Stephen talks with NASAs Deputy Chief, Astronaut Office at the Johnson Space Center, Sunita Williams about the naming of the new node on the International Space Station.

Episode 50 - Jim Lehrer
Tonight Stephen welcomes the anchor of PBS NewsHour and author of Oh, Jonny, Jim Lehrer.

Episode 51 - Doug Kmiec
Tonight Stephen welcomes the former head of the Office of Legal Council for both President Reagan and George Bush Sr., and author of Can a Catholic Support Him Asking the Big Questions about Barack Obama, Doug Kmiec. Also, Stephen talks with the associate editor for, Kanishk Tharoor.

Episode 52 - Sheriff Joe Arpaio
Sheriff Joe Arpaio denies that he focuses too much on illegal immigration.

Episode 53 - Coach Mike Krzyzewski
Tonight Stephen talks with Duke University mens basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski.

Episode 54 - Ira Glass
Tonight Stephen talks with host of This American Life, Ira Glass.

Episode 55 - Elizabeth Bintliff
Tonight Stephen welcomes the West Africa Program Officer for Heifer International, Elizabeth Bintliff.

Episode 56 - The Decemberists
Tonight Stephen welcomes musical group The Decemberists.

Episode 57 - David Gross
Tonight Stephen welcomes journalist and author of Dumb Money How Our Greatest Financial Minds Bankrupted the Nation, Daniel Gross. Also, Stephen talks with war correspondent Richard Engel.

Episode 58 - David Kessler
Tonight Stephen welcomes former FDA commissioner and author of The End of Overeating Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite, David Kessler.

Episode 59 - Ethan Nadlemann
Tonight Stephen welcomes the founder and executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadlemann.

Episode 60 - J. J. Abrams
The Prescott Group needs a bailout, and J.J. Abrams reveals clues to Stephens Persian Gulf mystery.

Episode 61 - Cliff Sloan, Paul Rieckhoff
Cliff Sloan believes that Marbury v. Madison is significant because it established the rule of law and Paul Rieckhoff wants to make sure returning veterans get education, employment and health care support.

Episode 62 - Laurie Garrett
President Obamas approval numbers are at 67%, and public health expert Laurie Garrett is here to shed some light on the swine flu.

Episode 63 - Mitchell Joachim
Its Bring Your Savior to Work Day, and Mitchell Joachim wants to build carbon neutral cities.

Episode 64 - Jeff Daniels
Tonight Stephen welcomes actor Jeff Daniels Also, Stephen talks with the vice president of policy at, Tamara Draut about credit cart reform.

Episode 65 - Ron Howard
Tonight Stephen welcomes the producer & director of Angels & Demons, Ron Howard. Also, Stephen talks with the head of Latin American Division of the Council on Foreign Relations, Julia Sweig about Cuba.

Episode 66 - Michael Pollan
Tonight Stephen welcomes the author of In Defense of Food An Eaters Manifesto, Michael Pollan.

Episode 67 - Yusuf Islam
Donald Trump allows Miss California to keep her crown, the DonorsChoose competition continues, and Yusuf performs.

Episode 68 - Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain loves the Republican Party and wants to save it from the people trying to make it more extreme.

Episode 69 - Walter Kirn
Republicans find a way to make us love them again, and a Difference Maker stands up to the government.

Episode 70 - Seth Shostak
Torture memo author John Yoo gets a newspaper column, and Nancy Pelosi says the CIA lied to her.

Episode 71 - Green Day
Stephen reveals most of the Indian election results, and Green Day talks about their album, 21st Century Breakdown.

Episode 72 - Byron Dorgan
Republicans could lose their Latino voter, and you can see Stephens Persian Gulf destination from Sarah Palins house.

Episode 73 - Katty Kay
The FDA challenges medical claims made by Cheerios, and Jim Moran protects kids from erectile dysfunction advertising.

Episode 74 - Eric Schlosser
California allows some gay couples to stay married, and Obama invites Iran to celebrate 4th of July.

Episode 75 - Dag Soderberg
Wikipedia takes on the Church of Scientology, and the latest on abstinence only education will be worth the wait.

Episode 76 - General Raymond Odierno
General Ray Odierno steps up to the plate to be Stephens first guest in Iraq.

Episode 77 - Specialist Tareq Salha, Sgt. Robin Balcom
Stephen welcomes Sergeant Robin Balcom and Specialist Tareq Salha to his international desk of wisdom and truthiness.

Episode 78 - Lieutenant General Charles Jacoby
Tom Hanks and Stephen prepare a care package, and Charles H. Jacoby Jr. picks his favorite soldier.

Episode 79 - Command Sgt. Major Frank Grippe
George W. Bush praises the troops, and Frank A. Grippe orders his officers to sing the Army song.

Episode 80 - Austan Goolsbee
Stephen gives advice to the next leader of North Korea, and asks Austan Goolsbee if his arm gets tired from throwing money at problems.

Episode 81 - Jim Rogers
According to polls, 120% say the Iranian election wasnt rigged, and Jim Rogers wants to reduce Duke Energys carbon footprint.

Episode 82 - Joshua Micah Marshall
Sonia Sotomayor belongs to an exclusive womens only club, and Joshua Micah Marshall wont be doing the pointing and talking.

Episode 83 - Paul Muldoon
Someone finally agrees to accept Gitmo detainees, and Stephen nails poet Paul Muldoon.

Episode 84 - Simon Schama
Stephen suggests punching randomly until we find the enemy among us, and Simon Schama writes a history of the future of America.

Episode 85 - David Kilcullen
David Kilcullen fights wars by taking a local approach to combat smaller guerrilla movements.

Episode 86 - Matthew Crawford
The Jonas Brothers dont abstain from making awesome rock, and Matthew Crawford believes in working with his hands.

Episode 87 - Jim Fouratt
ABC turns their network over to Barack Obama, and Jim Fouratt meets the leader of the gay shame movement.

Episode 88 - Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Neil deGrasse Tyson tries to make science accessible to whomever wants to reach out and touch it.

Episode 89 - Kevin Mattson
Stephen questions whether America should embrace soccer, and Kevin Mattson thinks Jimmy Carter was underappreciated.

Episode 90 - Nicholas Kristof
The Supreme Court takes its recess, and Nicholas Kristof discusses Its Time to Learn From Frogs after crossing five lanes of busy traffic.

Episode 91 - Ed Viesturs
Congress passes a renewable energy bill, and climber Ed Viesturs scales Stephens ego.

Episode 92 - Paul Krugman
The Sotomayor confirmation hearings begin, and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman knows a lot about money.

Episode 93 - Leymah Gbowee
Stephen suggests looking for change in the folds of Barney Frank, and asks Leymah Gbowee where Liberia is.

Episode 94 - Douglas Rushkoff
Theres bad news for people with target shaped birthmarks, and Douglas Rushkoff lets Jews and Freemasons off the hook.

Episode 95 - Edmund Andrews
Stephen is emotionally dead inside, and Ed Andrews should write about teen vampires if he wants to get out of debt.

Episode 96 - Geoffrey Canada, Bob Park
Geoffrey Canada cant find any area where white men are being disproportionately victimized and Bob Park doesnt understand why humans need go to space when robots can do a better job.

Episode 97 - Dr. Aaron Carroll
Stephen will be the mighty oak when he investigates Acorn, and Aaron Carroll believes America should have a single payer system.

Episode 98 - Matthew Waxman, Chris Anderson
The truth behind the CIAs secret assassination squad is revealed, and Chris Anderson talks about a future economy where everything is free.

Episode 99 - Zev Chafets
The British announce plans to cut and run, Tom Vilsack drops out of the presidential race, and Zev Chafets angles for a Christmas present.

Episode 100 - Movits
A report on tasers may shock you, and Swedish band Movits helps Stephen put his Ikea futon together

Episode 101 - Arianna Huffington
Arianna Huffington was born in the United States, but she cultivated an accent to give herself an air of being an ethnic minority.

Episode 102 - Kevin Baker
Lance Armstrong comes in third in the Tour de France, and Kevin Baker says Obama is the new Hoover.

Episode 103 - Kathryn Bigelow
Kathryn Bigelows war movie, The Hurt Locker, is getting great reviews, despite not having explosions and ear splitting sound effects.

Episode 104 - General Anthony Zinni
President Obama finds a way to pay for health care, and General Anthony Zinni will wax Stephens chest.

Episode 105 - Kurt Anderson
According to Kurt Andersen, the economic and health crises give Americans a brief chance to get things where they want them.

Episode 106 - Kris Kobach
Kris Kobach wants to fight illegal immigration on the local level and reward the people willing to come to this country legally.

Episode 107 - Meryl Streep
Stephen reviews the movies that are destroying America and talks to Meryl Streep about her role as Julia Child.

Episode 108 - Barbara Boxer
Vladimir Putin returns to the spotlight, and Stephen interviews Barbara Boxer with deaf suspicion.

Episode 109 - Jonathan Cohn
Afghanistan prepares for Bring Your Rocket Launcher to Work Day, and Jonathan Cohn explains why Americas having a health care crisis.

Episode 110 - Mark Johnson
Americans speak Glenn Becks mind at town hall meetings, and Mark Johnson spreads peace through music.

Episode 111 - Mark Devlin
Glenn Beck loses his sponsors, and Mark Devlin uses giant balloons to life telescopes to the edge of space.

Episode 112 - Bill McKibben
Reporters get so desperate theyll even work for a newspaper, and Bill McKibben lowers carbon dioxide levels by not exhaling when he talks.

Episode 113 - Robert Wright

Episode 114 - Ang Lee
Ang Lee captures the hope and optimism of tired, dirty kids in his movie, Taking Woodstock.

Episode 115 - Chris Matthews
The Earths population nears 7 billion, and Chris Matthews discusses his documentary, The Kennedy Brothers.

Episode 116 - Cory Booker
The health care debate rages on, MTVs VMAs deliver a shock, and Cory Booker admits he is the mayor of Newark.

Episode 117 - Christiane Amanpour
Christiane Amanpour is going to make Americans care about the rest of the world with her CNN show Amanpour.

Episode 118 - Tony Danza
Obama indoctrinates Americas school children, Tucker Carlson reveals Muslims influence on textbooks, and The Flaming Lips perform.

Episode 119 - Frank Bruni
Stephen resurrects the U.S. military technique of staring at a goats and Frank Bruni talks about mastering his addiction to compulsive eating as a food critic for the New York Times.

Episode 120 - Shai Agassi
The Senate votes to allow guns on trains, and Shai Agassi wants us all to drive electric cars.

Episode 121 - AJ Jacobs
AJ Jacobs life experiments include following all the rules of the Bible, trying to be the most rational person alive and radical honesty.

Episode 122 - Ken Burns
The Republican Party is accused of racism, another holiday is under attack, and Ken Burns makes a documentary about national parks.

Episode 123 - Sheryl WuDunn
Sheryl WuDunn believes giving women loans and educating girls is the way to lift developing nations out of poverty.

Episode 124 - Matt Latimer
An exciting new tobacco product hits the market, and Matt Latimer recalls his Bush speechwriting days.

Episode 125 - Richard Dawkins
Stephen has an update on his space treadmill, and hell evolve Richard Dawkins book into tiny shreds of paper.

Episode 126 - Francis Collins
Francis Collins informs Stephen that its going to take time for stem cell research to give him crab claws.

Episode 127 - Arne Duncan
President Obama proposes a longer school year, and Arne Duncan could only get a job as a secretary.

Episode 128 - The Mountain Goats
The Mountain Goats perform Psalms 402 from their album, The Life of the World to Come.

Episode 129 - Alison Gopnik
Doctors invent a radical new surgery, and Alison Gopnik says babies can help us understand deep philosophical questions.

Episode 130 - Colin Beavan
The media attacks Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh may buy a football team, and Colin Beavan makes no environmental impact.

Episode 131 - Shashi Tharoor, Dr. Sanjay Gupta
Stephen takes on Norwegians for giving Obama the Nobel Peace Prize, plays tennis with James Blake and talks zombies with Sanjay Gupta.

Episode 132 - David Javerbaum, Sylvia Earle
Stephen posts Twitter updates on Miley Cyrus, talks fetuses with David Javerbaum and asks Sylvia Earle why he should care about the ocean.

Episode 133 - Amy Farrell, The RZA
Stephen gets angry over health care reform, discusses obesity with Amy Farrell, and talks wisdom with the RZA.

Episode 134 - Jerry Mitchell
Stephen proves that mayo is the illest condiment, asks Jerry Mitchell what a newspaper reporter is and unveils his new portrait.

Episode 135 - Cornel West
Stephen criticizes Washington State, endorses your job application and disagrees with everything Cornel West stands for.

Episode 136 - Randall Balmer, Gail Collins
The Catholic Church reaches out to former members, and Gail Collins talks about the modern American woman.

Episode 137 - Brian Cox
Stephen finds out what broke the largest particle accelerator and preps for his interview with Brian Cox by watching Baby Einstein tapes.

Episode 138 - Bill Simmons
Stephen talks to Rosanne Cash about torturing detainees with music and discusses Teen Wolf with Bill Simmons.

Episode 139 - Nicholas Thompson
Stephen sponsors the U.S. speedskating team, analyzes Arnold Schwarzeneggers breakfast and disputes the end of the Cold War with Nicholas Thompson.

Episode 140 - Andrew Sullivan
Stephen makes history with the U.S. Speedskating team, covers a gay couples arrest on Mormon Church property and wants Andrew Sullivan to admit hes wrong.

Episode 141 - Harold Evans
Stephen declares Barack Obama the loser, gets dunked in water by Al Gore and asks Harold Evans if hes going to be a chimney sweep.

Episode 142 - Joey Cheek
Stephen puts Canada on notice with Joey Cheek, introduces Vaxaconda and talks to William Bratton about McGruff the Crime Dog.

Episode 143 - Tom Campbell
Stephen asks Mike Castle why he cant marry a chicken, helps Katherine Reutter win a gold medal, and talks art with Thomas Campbell.

Episode 144 - Maria Shriver
Stephen defends Barney Frank for not recognizing marijuana, enjoys a Taser XREP ad and feeds ice cream to Maria Shriver.

Episode 145 - Christopher Caldwell
Stephen believes bankers are Gods representatives, criticizes Sesame Street and asks Christopher Caldwell where the Muslim pope is.

Episode 146 - Woody Harrelson
Stephen uses Miracle Whip money to buy mayo, claims Lou Dobbs audience and shaves Woody Harrelsons head.

Episode 147 - Paul Goldberger
Stephen shows Barack Obama how to greet foreign leaders, offers to sing in Aerosmith, and discusses architecture with Paul Goldberger.

Episode 148 - Malcolm Gladwell
Stephen talks to Marc Kielburger about child labor, skateboards with Jackie Speier and asks Malcolm Gladwell to explain a New Yorker cartoon.

Episode 149 - Norah Jones
Sarah Palin has a 400 page book, 2012 takes the world by storm, and Norah Jones talks about her famous father, Indiana.

Episode 150 - Elvis Costello
The Senate introduces a tax on plastic surgery, and Elvis Costello plays Cheap Reward with Stephen.

Episode 151 - Dan Esty, Cevin Soling
Stephen talks to Dan Esty about global warming, forces Joseph Cirincione to play Sanction, Bomb, Marry and compares school to prison with Cevin Soling

Episode 152 - Guy Consolmagno, Sherman Alexie
Stephen profiles a made up district, discusses alien Jesus with Guy Consolmagno and helps Sherman Alexie save part of white culture

Episode 153 - Craig Watkins
Stephen critiques President Obamas speech, presents a device that lets him poop whenever he wants, and questions Craig Watsons innocence

Episode 154 - Janet Napolitano
Stephen covers Tiger Woods car crash, tries out for the U.S. skeleton team and talks to Janet Napolitano about the color coded threat level.

Episode 155 - Bill T. Jones
Bill T. Jones describes how Fela Kuti fought against the Nigerian government with his music.

Episode 156 - Senator Bernie Sanders, Andy Schlafly
Stephen gives Bernie Sanders a chance to address the vicious socialist rumors and discusses the best of the public with Andy Schlafly.

Episode 157 - Matt Taibbi
Stephen appeals to the monkey demographic, gets a visit from Krampus and calls out Goldman Sachs with Matt Taibbi.

Episode 158 - Lara Logan
Stephen details Russias battle plan for Afghanistan, tries out for the U.S. bobsled team and puts words in Lara Logans mouth.

Episode 159 - Snoop Dogg
Stephen interviews President Obamas cardboard cutout, signs Katherine Reutters thigh and pre censors Snoop Dogg.

Episode 160 - Alicia Keys
John Slattery sells gold, Stephen relays the story of Treesus, and Alicia Keys performs her hit song.

Episode 161 - Tom Brokaw
Stephen encourages Tiger Woods, sees the ghost of Stephen King and remembers the wacky decade with Tom Brokaw.